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My Little Box Dolce Vita Giveaway

It’s My Little Box day!  We’ve been subscribers to my favourite beauty and lifestyle box ever for about a year now, and as I don’t use all of the products, I decided that I’d share my boxes instead of just hoarding them into my bathroom closet.  Carry on reading for how you can win!

This month’s box is entitled My Dolce Vita Box and the contents are bellissimo [I know, sorry].
Although I can’t see a great Italian influence on the actual products in the box, they’re are beautiful as always.
Every month the box contains a little print and magazine, and then an assortment of lifestyle and beauty gifts.  Everything is packaged beautifully and luxuriously, and the care taken over the choice of products is so clear with each parcel that arrives.

My Little Box Dolce Vita review
This month, the first thing we opened [Hero and Lyoto were close at hand with little fingers ready to help] a little cubic box with the label ‘Ciao Bella’, inside which lies a little adjustable gold leaf ring that swirls around my finger. It’s pretty and shimmery, and perfect for Summer outfits. [RRP£12]

For Summery legs, this month I there is the My Little Beauty Bain de Soleil Illuminating Leg Moisturiser, for those of us who would like to build up a gradual tan on our Spring legs. I love the citrus smell [or course!] and inside the Little Box magazine are directions for using the moisturiser to gain the best results.  [RRP£8]

A fresh and vibrant hued My Little Box hair turban which was enclosed in another cute box with the caption ‘ Rome is on my mine’ and although I would truly wear this to keep my hair out of my face when it’s freshly washed and flying everywhere, the reality is that I have the oddest shape head which means that anything like this literally walks its way off the back of my head and tumbles from my tresses within around two minutes of me putting it on. Hero has just ran off with it and seems to think it’s pretty brilliant.  [RRP£11]

I’m not usually an oil person – I don’t like feeling slick and sticky and this probably comes from 15 years of husky hair sticking to any product that sits on my skin instead of being immediately absorbed… but…..inside this month’s box was a little bottle of Baija Croisière Céladon Body Oil.  With a green tea and jasmine scent, it’s perfect for a pampering session. [RRP£16.90 for 50ml]
There’s also a very expensive perfume sample in this month’s box – with sparkling notes of of Bergamot and bewitching Orange Blossom, from the French fashion house Courrènges.  La Fille De L’Air Perfume is very floral and reminds me of walking through Exbury Gardens.  [RRP£69 for 50ml]

So here’s how you can win!  I’m going to give away four items from this beauty subscription box – one on here, our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.  All you need to do is tell me in the comments on whichever platform you’re looking at, which item you’d like!  You can enter on every platform but you can only enter once on each.
My Little Box retails at £14.95 including postage, if you want to buy one yourself – this is my personal subscription which I pay for.  This way I can spread a little happy at least four people a month!  

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