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Pampers Poo Face sensitive wipes

Babies are beautiful – from the first glance at birth, we’re captivated.  Their exquisite little features render us helpless and we fall head over heels, secretly thinking that whilst other babies are a little odd, in an angry-old-man-looking manner, somehow you have the most gorgeous looking little being on the face of the earth.  
I squealed and cooed at every expression of my babies; each concentrated, “are you my mum?” stare as they tried to focus in on my face, every goldfish impression as they copied my talking; and after those precious few first weeks, the smiles began….and my heart melted each time.  A baby-infatuated mess.  

Oh, mess.  There’s a reason it’s a four letter word.  There’s so much of it in childhood…mostly mud in our household as we’re in the middle of Summer, growing our own vegetables and fruits in our rusty old oak barrels in the garden.  

There are the smallest sandy handprints, the squishiest compost-laced footprints and what are definitely the soggiest trails of water-pistoled clothing, originating at the backdoor and leading through the lounge.  Our big boys are home for Summer, and I manage to go through an average of 8 packets of Pampers wipes per fortnight on hands, feet, doorframes, floor stains and the like.

But Hero has his own magical baby ways of creating mess – and as a genius in a sweet little nappy, he managed to wrap us around his scrumptious little fingers and toes, playing our heartstrings like they trained at Juilliard because he knows that at some point, every day, he’s about to bring us face to face with something that no one likes cleaning up.  Poop.

You see, as heavenly and angelic as your little one appears with their cupid bow lips and wide, inquisitive eyes, there are some expressions that give away exactly what they’re up to underneath that innocent, peachy soft, squishy little exterior.  
It’s that face.  The face you hope they aren’t going to pull when you’re at a very posh afternoon tea engagement in an immaculate house.  I’ll say it; you all know it – the #pooface.  All of my boys have a different one, but by the time Hero was born, I knew the basic signs.  Intense concentration, a bit of frowning, a little worry even – they know it’s coming, and you know it’s coming.  It’s about to get messy.  The new #PampersPooFace video made us chuckle.
Pampers sensitive wipes more gentle than water

It doesn’t smell of roses – and I used cotton wool and water on each of my boys until they were at least 6 months and starting solids, to wipe them up with, even though I longed to use wipes.  The thought of chemical laden wipes on their precious skin before it was able to cope worried me and so I followed the advice of the hospital, feeling confident I was doing the best for my boys’ bottoms, keeping them fresh and rosy.
#Pamperspooface campaign smelling of roses
#pamperspooface sensitive wipes tested more gentle than water


When Pampers asked me to test their sensitive wipes [the wipes we’ve been using for the past year at home with the other boys on their hands and faces – and to be honest, I’ll use them anywhere around the house too] against cotton wool and water, I was skeptical and keen to find out just whether they really were as soft and gentle as they claimed to be.  So, Pampers sent us a testing kit with some very scientific bits in it, and Professor Jensen got to work testing for me.
We received some wipes, water, cotton wool, PH testing dots and a rubber ducky.  We wanted to complete our experiments properly and so we duck napped two of Hero’s new little duckies from the water table, and set our table upstairs, out of the way.  Indoor water plus Hero and Lyoto equals Titanic sized disasters.
Sensitive wipes vs. cotton wool and water #Pamperspooface
I’m genuinely shocked – I don’t actually understand how something I drink every day isn’t as effective on my baby’s bottom as wipes, but I’m happier to be using them on my baby’s skin now, and I’d happily recommend Pampers Sensitive wipes to my friends. Well done Pampers – no more fearing the mess….now if you can just do something about the smell?
I’m working with BritMums and Pampers testing their wipes and featuring their new #PampersPooface video. I was provided wipes and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. 
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  1. Now sorting that smell out would be magical! Loved your post and how you write. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

  2. It's difficult to understand the baby's language because it's either they make a happy face or a sad/ crying face. When they pee or poo, parents should make sure to get them clean immediately so the bacteria won't get buildup on their skin. This will cause irritation later on.

  3. As a mom, we all know the face. I remember using Pampers Sensitive wipes on my girls and was glad that they were not as harsh as others. Your pictures and baby are adorable. I love how you captured each moment.

  4. We used to call my daughters face the PPF, Purple Pooping Face. Babies are so much fun when they are young and you can watch their personalities come out. I love Pampers wipes I used them on all three of my kids.

  5. I love pampers sensitive wipes. I've used them for all three of my boys who have very sensitive skin and break out easily. One of my favorite things is the smell though – they smell clean but not perfume-y like other brands. I also use them all over the house (and car) and love how they clean up messes!

  6. There is nothing worse than THAT unique smell! Okay maybe there is, but it is nice to know when time require clean up that Pampers wipes are not too far away! I love that they are good, even for the most sensitive skin!

  7. I also used cotton wool and water on each of my kids when they were babies. I used them until they were three months old. Then I started using a gentle soap. It was only when they were a bit older that I started using baby wipes to clean their hands and faces. As for their bottoms, it was always soap and water.

  8. I feel that way about kittens… babies, not so much ; -)

    I'm 40 and I've never changed a diaper, and after reading this post, I think I'll keep it that way…lol! I'm glad you've found something to help keep the mess under control, I'll mention these to my sister.

  9. I don't have any kids, but someday hope to, so it's nice to hear about different types of baby products. I have sensitive skin, so I assume my future children will have sensitive skin. I'd glad baby companies are finding new and better ways to address these issues. Thank you for the review. I'm going to add this to my list of products to check out when I have a baby.

  10. My daughter is 7 now, but I still remember that face. Her father and I used to bemoan that face, as soon as we noticed that first quint of the eye. LOL. Pampers always came through, though, with quality wipes and pampers to get everything cleaned up. I still DO NOT miss that pooface though!

  11. I use to use Pampers for my girls when they were smaller. But still have a few wipes around for their hands after having that Ice Cream Treat on the way home from baseball games.

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