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This week I’m a week late with this post after the last Picture Perfect – getting back into the swing of things after being completely engulfed in school trips, appointments and meetings [not to mention getting stuck in London after the BML conference this past weekend] has been hard – and now this weather?! Ick! Party planning for Hero is feeling a bit soggy at the moment.

I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly posted on Instagram – and because of the changes on the platform [grumble, grumble], I’ve decided to unfollow those people who don’t interact with me.  I know it’s impossible for everyone to like everyone’s posts but just collecting followers isn’t why I love Instagram so much. It’s by far the nicest community amongst the social media platforms, and I’d like to be able to see more posts from people that I connect with instead of trawling though and trying to force interaction with people who are just playing the numbers game.

If you are active on Instagram, come and say hello!  We’re Keep Up With The Jones Family.

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