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I still remember how difficult I found it to learn to tell the time – and Jens is at the age now where he wants to know [as does Yotie] what the time is independently.  Part of me knows that he wants to learn so badly to see if we’re pulling the wool over his eyes about when bedtime actually is, but we all have to have motivations in life, right?  In steps the EasyRead Time Teacher Watch!

We were recently sent the EasyRead Time Teacher watch to see if we could accelerate our learning – and for once, our boys seem content to let each other have a go.  When we visited the Isle of Wight recently, we decided to time the ferry and headed to the top deck.  If you think the life of a blogger’s child is all bubbles and cupcakes, think again.  Poor Yotie, as professional as ever, got a good wind-blasting on the upper deck as we pulled out of Southampton docks and attempted to smile and tell the time whilst feeling a bit like a reluctant Mary Poppins on a blustery day.

The EasyTime Teacher Watch measures 1.3″ inches in diameter, with multi-coloured face, purple fabric strap and metal buckle.  It’s designed to help children learn the time in terms of ‘minutes past’ and ‘minutes to’. The watch is supplied with a simple 3-step teaching system instructions and compatible with other Easy Read Time Teacher products.  The EasyTime Teacher Watch is battery operated with Seiko PC21s movement, stainless steel back, and durable IPS plating (non-allergenic). Battery is included!  

It’s water resistant to splashes [no swimming in it!] and has a detachable washable fabric strap.  It fits wrists from 4.7″ to 7″ circumference, which means I can wear it too!

We have the “To” and “Past” version of the watch, although there is a 24 hour version also.  We loved this one.  I’m going to admit that I was sceptical and couldn’t see how this very carefully marked out watch was going to be any different than me trying to tell the boys how to tell the time.

Naturally, I was wrong.  There’s an easy yet surprising three step process to telling the time with the watch and I wish I’d had one myself.  Seriously.

How To Use The EasyRead Time Teacher Watch

Step One: Read the number closest to the end of the long [minute] hand.

Step Two: Look at which half of the watch the minute hand is on.  Say which half it is – “to” or “past”.

Step Three: Read the number closest to the end of the short [hour] hand.

Put it all together, and you have the time!  I’ll admit that my jaw dropped slightly when I realised how simple this watch makes telling the time.

These aren’t faked photos – it was blustery to say the very least up top.  We’re very grateful to EasyRead Time Teacher Watch for sending us this to review in return for an honest review.


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