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The Brio Station Travel Set is the second Brio World Playset that Hero was lucky enough to be sent to play with this month!  We took it on holiday with us along with the Brio Airport and spent a rainy afternoon connecting our railways together to have fun with the little people of Brio World.

33627 BRIO Travel Station Set

Brio say: “Welcome to the BRIO travel station set. Did you arrive by car? The next stop for you is probably the ticket machine. After that, hop on the tram and change to the local train. A long day of travel has never been as fun as with BRIOs travel station set.”

The Brio Travel Station Set contains the station, a three-place parking bay, 12 track pieces, 1 support, 1 buffer, 2 little Brio people,  1 piece of luggage, 1 bus, 1 tram, 2 engines and 2 bridges.  It sells on average for £80, but we see it sometimes on Amazon for around £70, which is a brilliant bargain!

33627 BRIO Travel Station Set

Brio travel station set

Brio travel station set

Brio – it’s one of our very favourite brands. They’re well-made products, sustainable and I’ve never, ever had one break on us.

That we have more bridge parts with rails – Hero loves guiding the little trains and monorails through.

How realistic it is – this is something that I’d never have dreamed of creating, but it really complements the other Brio Airport set that we have and allows for a huge adventure to take place.  Little Brio people have been jetting off and landing constantly in our home, and there’s room for everyone to play – we can create a whole holiday travel system by connecting the sets together!

33627 BRIO Travel Station Set

The magnets that connect the trains and engines were a little stronger – when we pulled the vehicles up the hill to the bridge, they disconnected quite a few times which made Hero a little frustrated.

The Brio Travel Station Set is SO much fun.  There’s room for parking, and a huge amount of track to connect other Brio sets to.  We completed adore the Brio brand and people are always surprised when visiting to see Hero playing with his Brio as they think it’s another brand.  Brio has come such a long way from the plain wooden trains and each time a new set is released, we’re even more amazed than the time before.

We were sent the Brio Playsets free of charge in return for an honest review.

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