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Whenever my friends or I reminisce about our Christmas and birthday presents as children, we all seem to have one brand in common.  LEGO.  I still remember the huge box that Father Christmas delivered for me – and my parents still have the contents of that box.  It’s seemingly everlasting and every year there are more and more kits created that excite and inspire children across the country.

The most common creation for me to try my hand at was a house.  For my Care Bears, Get-Along-Gang and whatever other collections I had at any given time.

Ocean Finance asked us if we’d like to enter a competition to make a LEGO dream house and so we set about it one [commonly] rainy day this Summer.  Jensen is very orderly and seemingly much more talented than I ever was when I was little – and so his ‘development’ outstrips anything I ever made as a child.

Firstly we talked about where they would live if they could.  Top of the list was with Mickey Mouse, then with Granny and Grandad – and so after explaining the competition again both big brothers decided that they would like to live in a treehouse.  No ordinary treehouse. It had to be a Superhero rainbow treehouse with Mommy living there too.  I hang onto this suggestion tightly in the hopes that when I’m old[er] they will indeed take care of their poor mom.

So, here is the Jones Brothers’ treehouse.  An architectural masterpiece.  From bottom to top there are gardens for playing hide and seek in, a door to the inner [secret] rooms, and then the branches on the rainbow trunk are for the swimming pool bubbly bathroom [with yellow duckies], a pink kitchen with flowers and chocolates for mommy, and up top is their Batman-inspired lookout and control pad, a rooftop barbecue with huge flames and two purple trampolines.  I’d actually quite like to live there myself, if it weren’t for the health and safety part of me that doesn’t like the positioning of those trampolines…

Disclosure:  We were gifted a box of LEGO as per the competition guidelines and as part of the entrance conditions.

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