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Baby Hero smashing his first birthday cake in a meadow
He met the two midway.
The traits of his blond big brothers; Jensen [reserved] and Lyoto [destructive] collided in late July as we finally took Baby Hero out to the wildflower meadows to smash his first birthday cake.  Inquisitive yet unsure, he needed a little encouragement to sink his little fingers into the squishy chocolate sponge and sugary, buttersoft frosting…but he did it.  More graceful than Lyoto and less hesitant than Jensen…and at a little picnic table that his brothers gave him for the occasion.
Baby Hero in Elfie Dungarees and Little Blue Olive Hat at his cake smash
Hero’s birthday outfit was finally chosen from The Wee Department Store, made by Elfie.  I debated jeans and a red white and blue shirt, but in the end these were just too cute and his legs just way too scrumptious not to show off.   I think these are the sweetest and simultaneously most well made dungarees I’ve ever bought [and I’ve got at least thirty pairs a few].
fourth of july balloons
We took his birthday balloons, his little first birthday hat by Little Blue Olive – which he amazingly wore and was very fond of, and his Smartie-studded cake by the very lovely talents behind Organic Annie’s in Winchester and we sat amongst the butterflies and spiders in the afternoon sun.

Baby Hero in Elfie Dungarees and Little Blue Olive Hat with Balloons for Fourth July

He’s one.

Baby Hero in Elfie Dungarees and Little Blue Olive Hat Cake smash

And now he wants to be one of the big boys.

First Birthday celebrating in the meadow with a cake smash

Happy first birthday, Baby Hero.

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  1. Those pictures are just too adorable! And he looks like he really enjoyed his day of celebration! What a great way to celebrate such a big milestone.

  2. Awwww… How adoreable he is. Isn't it cute the way he wants to be like his big brothers?

  3. This is a great idea. Instead of trying to contain the first birthday cake mess, embrace it and make a celebration of it! I wish I had heard of this before any of my kids first birthdays. I have five and actually tried to get them all not to make a mess at the first birthday. Happy Birthday to Baby Hero!

  4. Happy Birthday Hero! He looks adorable, what a fabulous way to celebrate his first birthday. My friend makes smash cakes and when I saw her first one I was horrified that it was going to be smashed up by a baby, but then after seeing the photo shoot you see how wonderful the whole thing is.

  5. Aww happy birthday! I love that you let him smash a cake. that wasn't really done when my kids were little. I can see how I'd want that to be outside for sure! lol

  6. How is Hero one already?! I absolutely adore those dungarees! I think Finn may need a pair (probably for next summer if this rain continues!)

  7. I had a thing for dungarees when Luke was small. Particularly when he was crawling. If he wandered too far while we were having a picnic, I would pick him up by the straps and turn him round, and he would just carrry on, on his merry way. The Husband was horrified, but I thought that's what they were for?! 😀

  8. I so love this post. He is the cuties little thing and the picnic table is also adorable. My sister just had a birthday party with the smash cake for my nephew who turned 1 yrs old on the 11 th of this month. My baby starts college today so it really does go by so fast. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Awww so cute! And pretty genius to do it outside – we had my daughter's first birthday in the kitchen and then I took her right out of the high chair and put her into the bathtub. What a mess!

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