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This is my week.  My five days of only having one little Hero to take care of whilst my big boys are at Granny and Grandad’s, on their give mommy a rest break annual holiday.  When you have just one child, one child is difficult to manage sometimes.  I used to wonder how I would ever get anything done.  Now I have three, one – especially a very easy one – is blissfully easy.  So this week we are doing things I don’t normally get the chance to do with all three around.Sleep is top of my agenda, and then a barbecue.  Of course we bbq with the boys here – but I’m in a constant state of panic just in case one of them gets too close to the heat or slips, or whatever.  I’m generally on edge.  We’re going to celebrate our seventh anniversary as Disney Bride and Groom in style with our new BBQ and recreate some of the magic of our afternoon beach bbq at the Grand Floridian Summerhouse in Walt Disney World, alllllll those years ago.

We recently bought a new bbq and have yet to fire it up – and so I’m preparing [read: pinning frantically to my barbecue inspiration board and then trying to put it into action] for the end of the week for a little party with friends in the garden.  I’m also trying to hint at my husband as to some lovely new items I’d like in my kitchen which we’re currently redecorating [*cough* new Le Creuset skillet. *cough*]

I realised that I still haven’t blogged all of our wedding, and so in the meantime, here are a few shots by the lovely Roots of our afternoon beach BBQ which was part of our wedding day, before the fireworks and ice cream party at Epcot…

Now I just need the rain to stop.

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  1. gorgeous wedding photos! Now I recognise you! I can't believe we didn't chat to each other on Wednesday. Well we did, but not really knowing we sort of knew each other (that blogging thing can be odd, can't it!). x

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