The Christmas Tree Farm

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It was only when I was searching for photos for a friend of Christmas tree plantations that I realised that despite managing to edit them on time, I failed entirely in my attempt to post last year’s Christmas Tree farm photos from our favourite Hampshire Christmas Tree Farm.

We’ve visited three Christmas tree farms since Jensen was born I think – maybe four, I can’t be sure. Our favourite is the one closest to us that we had searched the longest for, and then found by accident, right on our doorstep in Romsey. It’s actually a fishery that has trees growing in an area by the lake and each year, for the past five years, this is where we’ve been. In 2019, not only was there an exciting and very festive tractor ride up to the trees, but there were CHICKENS running in and around the trees. The boys were in heaven.

Yooooooo-hooooo! Chickens! Hero’s new friends at the Christmas tree farm.

We’re not entirely sure why he was sneaking about with them, because every time one turned around, he froze. It was like watching chickens play, “What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?” with Hero.

Then we set about finding the tree – they grow in a haphazard pattern at the farm, all in clusters and sometimes you have to squeeze between them whilst praying you don’t get pine needles stuck in your bottom. I invariably do, and they’re prickly little suckers.

Choosing a tree usually takes about ten minutes, we look for one that’s bushy enough to hold ornaments but not so wide as it will take up half the living room. Then we put on our gloves and we saw it down. It’s a gafmily tradition that everyone gets a saw of the trunk. Not as glamorous as you’d think. Last year Gav had hurt his back and so I spent a quarter of an hour kneeling in mud, getting all pine needly in the spirit of Christmas whilst the boys all had a saw to see when it would fall so we can shout TIMBERRRRR! We do have the funniest videos of us trying to fell the tree each year. I want the boys to see the pain and hilarity that goes into obtaining every beautiful tree which has entered our home.

There’s another reason this is our favourite Hampshire Christmas Tree farm too – the landscape. There’s a wooden fence and a beautiful pinky/yellow stone trail that runs through the middle of it. It makes for beautiful photos [when the light is right] and each time I visit, I’m transported to one of my romantic tree farm novels I read, like my other tradition with my Mom, Debbie Macomber Christmas novels. Which reminds me, I need to order it. This year it’s entitled, “Jingle all the Way”. Eek.

Dragging our tree to be netted at the Christmas tree farm.

So usually, if you’ve been following us for long, you’ll know I decide on outfits for the boys so that I can get photographs I can use and treasure as they’re all dressed the same. I love a well coordinated snap. In 2018 they were dressed as little elves, and 2016 was the year of Jens’ favourite Christmas tree chopping coat that he still mourns for. But for some reason, this year we went for a “grab what you can” dress code. Sad to see my UGG boots in the photo – they are no longer with us, sadly. Boo. My coat is 11 years old and going strong though. Win. This year I’m slightly more prepared. We have reindeer sweaters.

Daddy and the boys with our tree. How they stand normally for his photo and not mine is still a mystery.

Every year when I ask for volunteers to help pull the tree, or a photo of the boys taking the tree with them, it’s the same. Jens puts in all the work, the other two dance about like they’re the sideshow entertainment. Check any of our old Christmas tree posts and you’ll see exactly the same thing.

Hampshire Christmas Tree Farm worker…Haha.
The festive Christmas tree tractor. Loved by the boys as there was a little puppy riding with us too.

Over the years, there’s been some landscaping at the farm, and there have been pits and troughs – but this year there were some little hills too, which apparently were stages. I was treated to a performance by these three. Jingle Bells like Michael Bublé sings. Mmm.

The Concert on the hill of mud.
Blue skies and Christmas Tree Farms with pebbly tracks.
The Christmas Tree is ours! Heading for the netting machine.

Then our morning was all over for a whole year – fingers crossed we can visit our Hampshire Christmas Tree Farm this year and get our tree, or we’re going to be tree-free. And that can’t happen.

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