Santa’s Sleigh Scavenger Hunt 2012

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Another new tradition that we began this year was the “Santa’s Sleigh Scavenger Hunt”.  I saw this idea on another amazing Momma’s blog and I loved it, particularly as our Little Adventurer now loves hunting for things (unless it’s something that I have asked him to look for, like his cup or a sock).  
Basically it goes like this.  Momma comes into the room and tells Jensen that she has just had a call from Mother Christmas.  Father Christmas has arrived home and when he was unpacking his sleigh he noticed that he had dropped some of his things!  Luckily, Mother Christmas looked at the sky map and realised that he must have dropped them (this time) in Nanny and Abuelito’s garden!  So we hot footed it over to their house with a burlap sack to send Santa his things back in and off our boys set into the garden, to help Father Christmas out again.
Explaining to Nanny and Abuelito what needs to be done…

This year the jolly one had lost some chocolate bears, Mother Christmas’ favourite broach, her best wooden spoon, lucky sleigh bell, lollipops and a whole host of other Christmassy belongings including Father Christmas’ dressing gown belt.

On the hunt!

There were even sparkly snowballs that had fallen into the tree!

Merry Bright’s Sleeping Bag!

Baby Dragon was enjoying a jaunt around the garden, too.

When everything was collected, we left the bag by the North Pole Portal and knocked the door.  Father Christmas would send an elf to collect it, no doubt.

Then it was time for some of Abuelito’s famous ginger cake….

Next year we’re going to make picture lists to hand out to the boys, they loved it so much this time around!

What traditions did you start for your family this year?  We’d love to hear about them.

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  1. In the afternoon/evening when everything quietens down on Christmas day. There is a knock on the door. When when of the children opens the door there is a box. On the box it says sorry forgot to deliver this Santa. We call it Santas late delivery. Anyone who is in the house gets a present (spares are always kept hidden away). All the presents are something silly. Usually something like hook a fish. The other tradition we have started Santa's Christmas eve present. As the sleigh goes past it acciddntally drops a present. We do it coming down the chimney but a friend has someone drop it from an upstairs window. In it is new pj's n dressing gown. That way he looks good on Christmas morning.

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