Our Valentine Smasher…

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So the scene was cleared set, the rainbow sponge was coated in buttercream, and we were ready.  It was cake smash day, the day I had dreamed about as soon as I got over the self-indulgent sadness of realising that my Baby Dragon was about to be one whole year old.

We tried the cake smash when our Little Adventurer turned one, but being a completely different little bubba, he wasn’t in for making all that mess and instead gently took pieces of cake whilst barely dropping a crumb.  So sweet, so delicate.  Lyoto is, shall we say, more enthusiastic about squishing and squashing substances through his fingers. Especially delicious substances.

Since we have two huskies with a penchant for cake, Jensen decided to
dress as Sully (thank you to our friend Jane for these amazing gifts!)
and guard the birthday booty.  This is his “back off doggers”

We dressed Baby Dragon quite suitably in his “birthday suit” with the
addition of a cute cloth nappy and he was away. Even before my Lumix
could switch on.

 There was smashing.
There was flinging.

He smooshed, he squished, he squashed, he smeared and he smudged…and he smiled.

Oh, he smiled.

Success.  One happy Baby Dragon.

Happy birthday, Baby Dragon. We hope your year is as delicious as you are.

We’re undecided on a page for his yearbook…
Which one would you pick?

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