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Poor St. George.  Patron Saint of England and he’s so overlooked in the celebrations department.  St. Patrick gets to entertain the boys with little leprechaun antics, St. David brings Welsh cakes and daffodils into the house – but St. George?  We need to up our game here.  I remember draping huge flags from our halls of residence windows at law school, but that was 20 years ago [yikes]. St. George’s Day Inspiration.

We love dragons and knights – and so here’s a little collection of St. George themed gifts we love [and some we own] for some St. George’s Day Inspiration.

1. George and the Knight Activity Sticker Book.  I love sticker books or crafts for celebration days because as soon as the boys wake up there’s immediately something that they can do to get the day started whilst breakfast is being made.  Otherwise they’re asking a million questions about what they’re doing that day whilst I’m trying to get things started.

2.  Knight’s Helmet.  This is the coolest decoration ever.  If I was theming the boys’ room in Knights and Dragons style, this would be top of my list.  It’s by a company called Home Works and we found it on Amazon for around £20.

3.  Knight Egg Cup and spoon.  I love egg cups – and anything else that makes food look fun.

4. Fisher Price Little People Knights’ Castle.  We’ve had this in our family since Jensen’s first St. George’s day.  It comes with everything you need to recreate your own battles, and the top flips up so that you can store your little people in there after playing.  Little People are huge in our house right now [especially the Disney ones].

5.  THEMED PYJAMAS!!! Ahhh!  Next made us SO happy this year with their twin set of Dragon and Knight PJs.   Why can’t more clothing stores have a few themed items FOR BOYS AS WELL so that I don’t go searching in the USA for our boys’ holiday clothes.  So, guess who has these. Ha ha.  They were too cute to resist.

6. Nici Dragons.  Nici make some of the cutest plush toys ever.  I’ve had them in my life since I was around 10 I think.  I even have glassware with their illustrations on.  These are the sweetest dragons out there.

7. The Knight and the Dragon, Tomie DePaola.  Finding children’s books about St. George is difficult.  Finding books that are about St. George and not heavily criticised is even more difficult.  This one isn’t specifically Saintly themed but more about a knight and dragon, neither of whom are great fighters or fierce, and we love it.

We’ll be at CentreParcs for St. George’s day this year so maybe we’ll find a dragon or two to battle on our adventures.

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