St. Patrick’s Day and Dublin the Leprechaun…

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Each year since Our Little Adventurer was born, we’ve celebrated every Saint’s Day in the United Kingdom (except sadly for St. Andrew…so if there are any Scottish readers out there who could clue us in on how to celebrate that, I’d love to hear) and yet I’ve failed for the past two years to document our Leprechaun infused fun in March.
I don’t have many words (I’ve never kissed that stone) about our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, but just know that there’ a tiny leprechaun called Dublin who comes to our house in March each year.  He stays for the week getting up to magical mischief at night….and leaves with a party in his wake, complete with rainbow sprinkle cupcakes.
His entrance appeared (a Dublin door) on our Instagram feed last week.  He left a tiny key in the trap made by Jensen (his first ever, so sweet) and sprinkled his “leprejewels” (as we call them) in there too.  Each morning the littles checked the trap to see what they’d caught.
On Saturday morning, on return from Jiu Jitsu with Dadda, the party was discovered.  Rainbows and shamrocks everywhere.

Shamrock headboppers, and shamrock guinness mugs on necklaces…and shamrock shirts too!

This year he sent the littles on a scavenger hunt, trying to find where he’d hidden his (chocolate) gold…

And then he left us.  Our own cheeky little leprechauns are here though, all year around.

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  1. Aww this is so lovely! I can't wait to include my boy fully in the St. Patrick's Day celebrations when he's a bit older. I love being Irish 🙂

  2. What a super cute celebration! We like to plan out and set Leprechaun traps! We haven't caught one yet, but we always manage to make him drop some of his goodies!

  3. Omg how cute!!!! When I lived in FL St.patty's day was huge!!! I looked forward to it every year because it was just one giant fun time! Here where I live in NY, its just another day unless you go to an Irish bar… Kinda miss the way people in my town in FL did it 😉

  4. I really love your decor for St. Pattys Day! Green is really a pretty color! Its not too popular in the town that I am in but its interesting to see how big it can really get.

  5. So strange to stumble upon this post now but, hey, it's got me looking forward to the spring! We're big St Patty's day fans in this household/family. My family hails from the UK, my son was conceived there (born in Canada, thank heavens :P) and we like to make a big event of things. My hubby was born March 11 and my daughter on the 19th so we try to do something St Patty's day themed and just celebrate both birthdays on that day. Our extended family gets together anyway so we figured it might be good.
    I love your little ideas and how you're carrying over traditions!

  6. What a cute idea to do for St Patricks Day. We never really did anything for the holiday, except when we lived on based when my ex-husband was in the military, we had parties.. That's about it.

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