Easter Memories 2013: The Bunny Gives Medals…

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After the official egg hunt it was time for the Easter candy party and the even more official awards ceremony, which was less of a ceremony and more of a grabbing of enormous chocolate medals off E.B’s podium (Baby Dragon’s much loved (by me) and long vacated (by Lyoto) highchair).

In readiness, Momma even made a felt placemat for the occasion.

The medals for the heroes of the egg hunt were distributed far too fast for any camera action and so “before” shots it is, I’m afraid.  Just know that Our Little Adventurer was mightily impressed to be recognised as a champion,and E.B as extremely proud of both of them.


I’m pretty sure Jensen will remember these medals when next year rolls around… Let’s hope they’re still making them!

Addendum:  I lied!  I found a photo on my camera of the “acceptance”…and here it is.

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