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The Christmas tree farm this year was even more fun than usual.  This weekend, ignoring all of the homework and other nonsense we had to get through, we made an effort to wrap up warm and go out to spend time together, away from the living room.  Thanks to the local gazette, Gav discovered a new Christmas tree farm that wasn’t even ten minutes from our home, Headlands Farm Fishery Christmas Tree Farm.  Who knew?! We packed our saw, put our wellies on and headed out to buy not one, but two trees.

We ended up with two because Jens was so adamant that he wanted a particular [rather spindly] tree and that he wanted to saw it himself.  It was a sweet tree but as it could never have held our collection of baubles in the living room, Gav kindly let him have it for the boys’ bedroom.  Jens was so, so proud of himself and carried it from the moment he shouted “TIMBERRR!” down the tree farm fields and through to the barreller [I’m sure that’s a word because we had one when I worked for Dad in the factory, despite what my spellchecker is yelling at me] to wrap it up, and then lifted it into the car, climbed in alongside it and placed his little, gloved hand on it all the way home.

This tree farm is my favourite so far – small and neat, well maintained and with SO much space to run about.  The boys saw a robin who they declared was my Granny keeping an eye on us, and we played hide and seek in the trees whilst I tried to convince them all that one photo with me wasn’t that hard to do.

Here’s our little collection of memories…

Headlands Farm Fishery Christmas Tree Farm Headlands Farm Fishery Christmas Tree Farm Headlands Farm Fishery Christmas Tree Farm

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