The Easter Egg Hunt

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The Easter Egg Hunt 2020. In the spirit of honesty, when writing this I was losing my marbles over the sheer amount of arguments going on over Fortnite and playing with friends online and so I’m channeling Easter Sunday vibes and trying desperately to remember that they were all smiling at each other at some point in the past and that hopefully either they’ll all learn to deal with each other easier soon or the novelty will wear off. All I’ll say is my parents were clearly lucky that this wasn’t around when I was a child.

So here’s what our hunt looked like. It was fun. So much fun, even though it only lasted about 20 minutes, it was 20 minutes of wonderful. There was sunshine, we were smiling, and they were all just so excited that the Easter Bunny had hopped and skipped his way through everything that was happening in the world to deliver a collection of rainbow eggs to their garden. Not only that but he pooped jellybeans in little piles, sprinkled chocolate Easter coins and even put up rainbow banners to make Mommy’s washing line look less ugly. Bless that bunny. He’s a good’un.

Official Jones Bros Easter Hunt 2020 Photo
Official Jones Bros Easter Hunt 2020 Photo

Hero hunted solo for most of it, and did the big Puss in Boot eyes when he thought he wasn’t doing so well. Lyoto will always try and sneak extra eggs into Hero’s basket to make him feel better, which makes me feel all Care Bear warm and fuzzy.

Hunting for easter eggs in the garden at the mud kitchen
Easter bunny egg hunt

There were eggs and coins and jellybeans and balloons all over the old trampoline. Jens found an egg that looked like Tomatohead from Fortnite and was over the moon with it.

Hunting for easter eggs in the garden with balloons
Finding Mr. Tomatohead from fortnite as an easter egg

So happy. I’m clinging onto the memories these celebrations more and more lately [and crying every time a Facebook memory of him pops up] even though as a tween, his behaviour and attitude are quite trying these days. I actually fill with tears when I think that his time in the magic bubble might be coming to a close. I want to wrap him up and protect him from the world of reality and let him enjoy himself as much as possible because heaven knows, I’ve no experience with a tween and if I’m perfectly honest, I’ve been quite hopeless at being more patient with his attitudes, which logically are caused by hormones, but which I’ve totally not taken account of each time he’s lost his temper. Every night I go to bed and try and remember he’s still tiny and needs love, not my constant nagging.

I’m so glad that we decided *cough* to let the grass grow in our garden. Parts of it actually look like a glorious nature reserve now and as no one will be visiting I’m enjoying seeing which plants pop up. So far we’ve had BLUEBELLS which we’ve NEVER had, and Grape Hyacinths which my Granny always had around her door. All presents from the birds. Aww.

Lyoto walking the boundaries of the garden to get the eggs no one else barefoot dares to. He who dares wins the big eggs. Haha.
Hero wanted to see if he could hide some eggs under his hat to make more room in his basket. He thinks of everything.

After the hunt, it was time to pop open the eggs, to see what we found. There were the mini pull back animal cars, chocolate eggs and Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, and teeny little Kinder Eggs. Negotiations began for who found which animal cars vs. who wanted each animal car.

Hero was impressed and managed to barter his way to a t-rex, panda, rhino and tiger. And with that, the Easter hunt was over…and I’m already looking forward to next year. Maybe he’ll visit our garden again…

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