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When we arrived at Granny and Grandad’s house this December to drop off cousin Christmas presents and celebrate a little early with them, there was still a slight covering of snow on the floor.  And even though I was in a dress, Gav was in shorts, I had to say it.  Let’s have a family photo in the snow, I said.  We don’t get snow in Hampshire, this will be so lovely, I said.  A Snow Day Family Portrait 2017.


Snow day family portrait 2017 photo Snow day family photo Snow day family photo

At least we had fun though – and despite the fact that the snow melted down my back – and I mean, RIGHT down my back, if you know what I mean – I have a set of lovely memories to cherish.  The next day the snow fell heavily and we have a far more respectable set of photos – but they’re not as much fun as these were to take 🙂

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