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So, tummies slightly less rumbly we hurried back down Main Street.  As we came out of the restaurant, Dadda asked Jensen if he knew where he was now.  Our oblivious little one had been frogmarched to the restaurant with no idea what was happening and as Dadda asked him, he gently turned him towards the castle.  The light was so bright that Jensen hadn’t even looked up.  As his gaze lifted, his eyes met with the castle we’d been dreaming and talking of for months, and his little face lit up in a way I wish I could bottle and keep forever…but instead I’ll just hold tight to it and pray my memory never fades.
“The castle…Am I here?” he asked his Dadda, “Is Peter here?”  Momma blubbed (again).
After a quick photo, we managed to make it to the Town Hall in time.  Poor Lyoto was so wiped out that he fell fast asleep…and having not assembled the stroller yet which was still boxed at the resort, Dadda had to carry his hot little boy around for the duration of the tour.

Our tour guide was Megan.  She was lovely. SO good with the little ones.  We were handed water bottles and Peter Pan stickers, and as we gathered in a circle Megan told us all that there had been a party in the Magic Kingdom the night before and some of the party guests had lost their belongings.  It was up to us to find them and return them to Mickey Mouse so he could make his friends happy again.  With a handful of Mickeyfetti each, we vowed to search the Kingdom until we had recovered everything to its rightful owner.

Jensen took to Megan straight away.
After following clues and playing games, we came to a little rest stop…and met Wendy!  We were expecting Peter Pan (the reason I had booked the tour) but as Jensen was oblivious to this, he was delighted to meet her and asked her all about Peter instead.  We played a game throwing beanbags into Tick Tock’s mouth (a pretend one) and then headed off again after Wendy gave us the Old Codfish’s hook that he’d lost at the party.

We continued on in the sunshine through the Kingdom, recovering Belle’s favourite book, Tianna’s keys, and even Mickey’s Duffy bear! Jensen found Remy’s spoon and was so excited.

At the end of the tour, with the final clue, Jensen searched high and low and was the finder of the final item, Lilo’s doll, all by himself, in the sweet shop!

He carefully helped Megan pack the back for Mickey…

We headed in, to meet Mickey…and I took one of the worst ever photographs, with no room to move, studio lighting, and nine other parents stood with us.  But at least he looks ecstatic to meet Mickey, who said they should all roar like lions with him…  Instant hero.
On the way out, someone small woke up to hear all about meeting the Mouse…and we headed off to get some ice-cream.  We had saved the day.

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