Birthday Balloony Fun, No Sign Of The Sun…

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A tradition that we began when Jensen Indiana turned one was the purchase of a huge number balloon every year for the boys’ birthdays.  Proudly on display at the past two parties, they have alerted everyone to their age, and given me a superbly easy way of identifying and distinguishing their birthdays from year to year as they grow older. Crafty, no?

As there was no official party this year, and as my house is too small for me to take a photo with my 50mm lens in our house that captures both boy and balloon, I had the brainwave to go to the park with them.  We’re an outdoorsy family and the boys are never happier than when they are rambling around in the fresh air.  Usually.  Generally.  Practically always.  Except today of course.
Today was bitterly cold.

We arrived at the park, bundled in layers and set off in search of ducks with our bag of Warburton’s seeded batch.

Realising how cold it was, we decided to start snapping as fast as we could.  note the happy face.  We have yet to feel the all-consuming coldness.

Our Little Adventurer was all too happy to smile with his balloon.

We did some roarrrrrring practice.

Grandad was on hand luckily to keep a check on the balloons.  Balloons, babies, toddlers and ducks are a recipe for a special kind of chaos.


This was when the cold started to creep in. “We need to go home, Momma.  I’m coldy.”  I couldn’t disagree.

After agreeing that he would stand with the balloon for a photo and then we could go, we snapped as fast as we could. My boy is a trooper. He knows how much his little face on camera means to Momma. Cue his toddlery cuteness.


Then we rushed to catch up with Dadda and Baby Dragon who were feeding the ducks.  Or the grass. It was hard to tell which, but fun was being had.

After a precarious attempt at photographing on the stairs of the bandstand, we settled cautiously for a bench. Baby Dragon is in his fearless stage of babyhood. There is nothing he will not plunge, James Bond style, off. When I hold the back of his clothing, he assumes that is his safety. My baby would be at home being lowered on a wire anywhere.

Still, he’s super-munchy-scrumptious.


I want to eat him.


Hoping that I at least had one smiling photo of each of my handsome princes, and in an attempt to cheer our frosty offspring up and take their minds off their chillyness, we tried the swings.  Baby Dragon bought it, Jensen did not.

Baby Dragon decided he might like to join the ducks.  It all got a bit complicated for him when he realised that he was a little too big to slip through the bars.

Finally, with tiny flakes of snow flurrying around us, a freezing Adventurer and a rowdy Baby Dragon, we decided to call it a day. After casting the remainder of the seedy bread to the the ducks, the boys frozen little arms reached skyward for “carries” and us grown ups double timed it to the car for some tea, apple juice and cake at home.

Birthday balloon photos, we tried our best.

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  1. I can't believe I have just found your blog! I love your birthday balloons and what a great birthday idea to take them to the park! It may have been cold but still good to be out, and all the nicer to get back home after some fresh air! Please do join my Country Kids linky on my blog, a perfect example of outdoor fun!

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