Huffing and Puffing….The Birthday Tea…

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The cake was lit.

The boys were ready.
  The chief huffer and candle puffer was in place.

The cheeks were huffed.

The candles were puffed out.  I think I will treasure this photo forever.

It was time to get the party (tea) started. Cake anyone?




Baby Dragon has found his nostrils at the party. In case you are wondering, he’s checking if he can breathe fire through them. He’s obviously not picking it.  No son of mine would do that.

The birthday tea had a Valentine’s / Bubble Guppies theming.  Our Little Adventurer adores those little fishy folk.  Treat baskets from across the pond were set on the table full of his new favourite crackers.

Lyoto’s biscuits were SO good.

Momma even managed (thanks to Grandad Frank) to get a shot of her with Baby Dragon…

…and Momma managed to get one of Gr-Nanny, too.

Even though it was just a small birthday tea, it was perfect. I’m so grateful and thankful for my little family.  I know how blessed I am.

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