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Today was the final time for our poor Baby Dragon had to be vaccinated. Three injections, three sets of tears, three pains that I wish I could take away from him.  We sat in the chair, I held his vulnerable little body still, closed my eyes and hoped with all of my heart that somehow he wouldn’t feel them.  But he did.  And we both hurt.

After the tears subsided and I pulled his little bearsuit protectively over his peachy soft skin, Jensen got up from the chair next to me where he was modelling his new Play Doh from Granny and Grandad Frank.  He cautiously wandered over to the nurse and gave her his shy smile.

“I’m going to ask the doctor if Roh-tee-dote can have a sticker for being so brave.” he whispered back to me.

My heart melted into a messy pool of brotherly love.  He chose a flower sticker for Lyoto (Roh-tee-dote) and the nurse let him take one for himself…a dragon, because it reminded him of Roh-tee.  I could feel the tears welling inside of me and my nose tingled, and so covered in my baby’s blood we made our exit home, to our safe haven, where Baby Dragon could rest.

No sooner was he laid down than Excalibur appeared.

Not everyone has a wolfy baby monitor.

I know he’ll stay by him until he wakes, as will we.  Sleep tight, feel safe, Baby Dragon.  There’s a whole lot of love here for you.


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