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 Our Easter Hunt post is sneaking into the blog backdated today as I’m going through my drafts and realising that I never managed to post it.  Let’s hope no one notices – I just wanted to put it there so we can look back on it in future.
This Easter was special in its own way – we had mishaps with international Easter basket deliveries, we managed to accidentally plan a trip to Granny and Grandad’s house when the fluffy bottomed giver of eggs was due…and so Easter arrived late.
This time I had a cover story, though.


You see, I messaged my best friend in the USA to ask how her Easter was – and told her how our Easter Bunny was running late – to which she happily replied that her family were in the same situation as her husband had been sent out of town on work and managed to get stranded over Easter weekend by a blizzard.

As my sister and her family don’t celebrate Easter with the bunny story, my boys had no one to check with about this delayed egg hunt story – until now – when I pulled out the atlas and showed them where Easter Island was, and that in order to reach us, the Bunny would need to come through America – and it was in America where he got stuck.  Atlanta, Georgia, to be exact.  They were delighted that they hadn’t been forgotten and blamed the weather.

The next weekend we headed out for an egg hunt – the first that Baby Hero has been able to enjoy – and the smiles on his face burst my heart into a million more pieces.  Despite all of the wrestling, arguing and other nonsense that my boys get up to, watching them share and put eggs in each other’s baskets instead of simply piling their own baskets higher and higher, was adorable.  When they found little clutches of coloured eggs nestled together, the shouts and calls for each other made me smile from ear to ear.  They do love each other – and care about each other – after all.



After the egg hunting was over, it was time for a little lunch and then we headed back into the garden for our bunny bake sale and tea party – carrot and orange juice in little bunny bottles, sugar sprinkled country fruit cake [my favourite], a delicious cream filled apple spongecake, chocolate drizzled choux buns, passionfruit and mango eclairs [Hero’s favourites] and mini coconut and lemon meringues.


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