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Next to Christmas, February is by far our busiest month.  In fact, heading into Spring is downright crazy. St. Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day, Mothers’ Day, St. David’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day…and in the midst of that, on Valentine’s Day and the day afterwards, we get to celebrate the two little lives that transformed mine and made it worthwhile.

This year we decided that as St. Valentine’s fell on a Friday, we would celebrate both boys’ birthdays by opening gifts on the Saturday (Jensen’s birthday) instead, and our own Valentine’s day got lost, again.  Late on Valentine’s evening, I was wrapping little gifts in pink paper and tying helium hearts to chairs in readiness for the following morning.

The morning was greeted by a newly-aged four year old armed with knowledge of birthday procedure (the presents are downstairs!), and a brand new two year old very keen on unwrapping everything in sight.

Our gifts were simple this year; a matching present as a surprise (Captain Hook’s Cabinet of Hooks), a present chosen by themselves (Jensen: a keyring of Om Nom from Cut the Rope, Lyoto: a teaset), a box of Duplo each (from the Christmas sale) and a book each.  Having birthdays within two months of Christmas leads to an overload of toys and so we planned more carefully this year to spread out the celebrations.

Secretly I was worried they would figure out that there were much fewer parcels to open than usual, but  no.  They were in heaven.

Some serious pirating took place.



The rest of the day was filled with Jiu Jitsu for Jensen (Star of the Day!), pirating games and some birthday cake on the evening.  It was simple and perfect, a sweet start to their birthday celebrations to come.

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  1. Wait, you guys don't celebrate Mother's Day in May? I didn't know that. We actually have a quiet month in February because we don't celebrate Valentine's Day, so we have nothing going on.

  2. They're so cute! My younger daughter was born on Valentine's Day. We tried as hard as we could to make sure she had a separate celebration for her birthday, but it was hard. Even in school she missed out. They would always have a Valentine's Day party, so she never got to celebrate her birthday with her classmates like everyone else did.

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