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Due to all of the goings on in our family, we decided to celebrate my birthday over this weekend instead.  My boys [the Cook Bros.] baked me the most glittery, chocolate heart covered, delicious birthday cake ever and presented me with sweet flowers and a card.  They were highly secret about everything for as long as they could be – Jensen was caving in within minutes of being home with his ingredients, but Lyoto held out longer with his, “Nothing – ahhh – nothing” response each time I asked him what he was up to.
In the afternoon we drove up to IBM to let off some steam, and some bottle rockets….
The boys really enjoyed setting them off and running in the opposite direction, yelling ridiculously.  Science with Daddy.


 Weekends are fun – birthdays even more so.  What did you get up to?

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  1. What an awesome birthday! My husband and I drove out to Vegas for one night. Your weekend seems like it was just a little more relaxing (but no less exciting). 🙂

  2. These will be unforgettable memories for your children. My daughters are in their 30s now and they still remember all the fun stuff their dad and I did with them when they were that age.

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