Helping Your Child Choose the Right A Levels

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A Levels can be tricky to feel prepared for, but there are plenty of ways we can all help our children with some of the most important exams and areas of study they will face yet. It can be a tricky but rewarding experience for young adults at this time, and for most it will guide them towards the grades they need to advance into other areas of study or future careers. Choosing the right A Levels also comes into this. If your child chooses the wrong subjects for what they would like to study further, then it can cause major setbacks. Here are some ways you can help your child with picking out the right A Levels for them.

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Focus on what your child is studying

If your child has particular interests and shows them within what they’re studying, it’s a safe option to motivate your child in picking up those subjects. This will come down to what they study at GCSE level as well. For the most part, your child is going to have to have a GCSE grade in order to go forward with the subject at A Level.

Go with what your child loves learning about

The grades will speak for themselves if your child is really enjoying what they are learning about. It makes general study a lot easier on children if they are having fun and feel invested in the subject. And it also makes the A Level process a lot easier; many subjects compliment each other which will make things more straightforward when it comes to studies.

Look at subjects that go well together

For particular career paths your child will have to have 3 subjects that oftentimes work together and support each other. For example, a degree in medicine largely needs students to have high A Level grades in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. Similarly with a course in Business Management, your child could need A Levels in Business Studies, Economics (or Maths) and something that supports it such as ICT or Computing, or History. The best sixth form colleges will be able to help your child pick out the right subjects that will help them progress into A Level studies. So long as your child can handle the new level of difficulty, they will be able to handle what comes next.

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