How to Raise a Resilient Child

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Resilience is a key skill in a child’s development and it will give them the opportunity to learn more about who they are and what they want to gain from life. Resilience is also a skill that will be required in any kind of support through school, everyday life, and more. This independent school in London has some top tips in helping to raise resilient children.

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Make time for your child to work on things independently

Having the chance that your child can figure things out without your direct input will give them the confidence to manage their skills on their own. It’s a good way to practice a child’s level of resilience; it helps your child with thinking on their own terms and figuring things out for themselves. They can’t look to you for guidance in every situation, so replicating this
moment for your child often means they make up plans and ideas for themselves.

Give your child the confidence they can do well on their own

Having resilience comes from the confidence and determination to do your best. If your child isn’t confident to do these things, then they can fall behind and make things a lot more stressful for them. To give your child the confidence they can do the best they can, we recommend developing their self confidence and their motivation. It’s a good thing to pursue with your child at any time – from handling toys to getting them to tidy their bedroom. They all help with their confidence in taking on tasks on their own later on.

Be proud of your child’s efforts

If you try to highlight the only good things your child does, then it doesn’t motivate your child to improve. You should try to flip the conversation where you can, by highlighting your child’s strengths and bringing up the effort your child goes to every day. We are never born perfect, but having a platform where children can learn helps them with their confidence and resilience skills over time.

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