Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph Gingerbread Party

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ShopDisney Wreck it Ralph toys Gingerbread party

This Christmas, our gingerbread house building party was epic. Just completely epic. And I can say that because I have endorsement from three little boys who were over the moon that Mickey Mouse [read: ShopDisney] sent them all the Wreck-It Ralph 2, Ralph Breaks the Internet toys for their little party. So it became the Wreck-It Ralph 2 Gingerbread Party! They were bouncing and singing – and that was before they starting piping sugar into their mouths.

Gingerbread House Loralee Lewis Disney

I set up the table as usual ready for the party. We decided to use the Jack Skellington Breakfast Twigs to hang some pink, green and purple mini baubles off to disguise the stairs this year and it made everything seem more Christmassy – we had no snow again this year in Hampshire [boooo].

Last year the house set up was easy as they were pre-glued from Costco but this year Costco let me down and only had DIY ones. So the night before I was glueing three houses and praying that they didn’t fall. We’ve had some interesting constructions and some downright disasters over the years. haha.

Ralp Breaks the Internet toys Disney Store
decorating the gingerbread house christmas

As the houses were still standing in the morning, after breakfast I popped everything out onto the table as their eyes grew wider and wider. We can’t thank you enough, ShopDisney! We had a talking Vanellope von Schweetz doll with removable hairclips, some Pop Vinyl figures [I not so secretly tried to acquire these], a WHOLE set of characters [hello cupcake toppers!] and a big, cuddly Ralph which Hero fell in love with instantly. He takes up QUITE a bit of bed space! haha. I even had a reusable shopping bag which I love to collect – we have over 20 different ShopDisney bags in our collection now, and the fanciest looking grocery shopping by far.

Cuddly plush Wreck it ralph 2 toy shopdisney

Giant talking Vanellope von Schweetz took to the middle of the table and the boys took it in turns to wear her little hairclips. Hero’s hair is so fine he was sad that it kept falling out and landing on his sweeties but apparently when he grows up he will have “bigger hair”, awww. Vanellope speaks if you press the button on her tummy and she sounds JUST like her.

Vanellope Von Schweetz toys ShopDisney
gingerbread party loralee lewis paper goods shop disney

It didn’t take long…..

eating gingerbread house sugar

Yes, there was sugar EVERYWHERE. I’m glad we did this in the morning.

jones boys gingerbread party 2018
Lyoto gingerbread house decorating smarties chocolate
pop vinyl wreck it ralph vanellope toys

No Wreck-It Ralph 2 Gingerbread Party is complete without little Funko characters! These are the cuuuutest. The boys collect these and we have about 70 of them I think [I lost count]. I love that there’s a Pop for everyone. These are a slightly different kind to the ones they normally collect, and more like a collection we have for the tree. They’re so pretty.

Gingerbread house party keep up with the jones family

There was an amazing amount of concentrating unlike previous years. We had some interesting sculptures and I got blamed for a lot of things apparently going wrong on Hero’s.

Hero decorating gingerbread house with sweeties

Jensen wanted to be a sugar nutcracker. Yotie decided he looked more like Mario and wanted to try – and then having sensitive skin, he ended up with a red outline of his moustache on his face instead. Poor Yotie. He was convinced he was going back to school with a huge red curly ‘tache on his face!

gingerbread house decorating party

It took them a good hour to finish, and then we tidied up to display them for Gav.

ShopDisney gingerbread house party Ralph Breaks the internet

The boys managed to create their own independent houses this year [Hero had a little bit of help from Gav] which was the first time ever – usually they pop a few sweeties on, and get distracted. But not this time – Lyoto decided that this, his very first-ever epic Wreck-It Ralph 2 Gingerbread Party too, should be a “thing” like the Jack Skellington Breakfast every year.

gingerbread wreck it ralph toys talking vanellope von schweetz

There was much sugar eating, giggles and climbing all over my furniture with glee at the “best Wreck-It Ralph 2 Gingerbread Party ever”. Totally made up for the lack of snow this year, and we can’t wait to see the film!

Wreck it ralph toys ShopDisney Christmas gingerbread house party

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