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This has been an epic year for the boys – they’ve finally started going to the cinema on a sort of regular basis [read: when Disney or Superhero films are released] and so far this year we’ve seen The Batman Movie, Beauty and the Beast, Moana [our favorite] and now we’re about to see the newest film, released on April 28th here in the UK: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  The boys remember the first film really well – me, I remember crying my heart out when Groot sacrificed himself at the end of the film to save his friends.  Did the boys remember the love Groot had for his friends? Nope – but they sure managed not to forget that there was a MINI GROOT which appeared right at the end of the film, who was SURE to be in the new one.

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The Disney Store have sent us some lovely gifts to see what we think of all of the new products available to play with – I’m always so pleased that the toys are ready for when the movie is released, unlike TV series’ merchandise which seems to take months and months to appear on shelves which is really annoying if you have a little one with a birthday coming up and a love for a new show and the toys are nowhere to be found.  Yes, I’m looking at you, Team Umizoomi and Bubble Guppies.

Anyhow, here are our top eight Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. toys – we hope you enjoy the movie!


LEGO Marvel Superheroes – The Milano vs. The Abelisk Set.  This is brilliant – Jensen and the mister built it and although I’m always terrified to touch their LEGO creations for fear of snapping off a piece and not remembering where it came from, I love the big pink monster which opens his mouth and moves his arms about as they fire space crystals [I think!] at him.  You can never got wrong with LEGO – and I never get bored of buying new sets too.  They’re lifelong [and then some] toys.


Mini Bean Bag Groot – This is Hero’s favourite.  Mini Groot is taken everywhere with him and tucked into bed next to his Bear.  He’s not too beany and more like a stuffed toy, and very soft and plushy.


Star Lord Mask – You can never, ever have too many dressing up toys.  Now that I can’t get a Maui costume [don’t get me started] I’m so annoyed – all I ever see are Princess dresses, costumes, wigs, tiaras. Where are the boys’ costumes that aren’t superheroes or Pirates?  Where are the male counterpart costumes for the movies my boys see?  I’m tired of makeshift costumes or buying from Etsy.  Anyhow, before I get carried away again, the Star Lord Mask is sturdy [hooray!] and just like the one in the film. Jensen will probably wear this to the movie and try to see the movie through it whenever the Star Lord is wearing his, just like he took a crown and a home made furry Beast head to transform from Beast to Prince Adam as the same point in the film.  He won free snacks at the cinema that day, they thought he was so good pulling together his own costume [because you CAN’T BUY ONE] to wear.


Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon Figure – This is so beautifully made.  I could never buy this until all of our boys were a little older and understood that ornaments are not just harder play figures – My precious Ben Ali Gator ornament from Fantasia met an untimely death a few years ago, and I’ve lost count of the amount of small toys that I’ve prised from the throat cavity of my collectors’ edition Tic Toc Croc.


Lyoto saw someone in his class with this water bottle and he came home telling us all he had spotted it!  Disney water bottles are unbelieveably good and leak proof.  This year after three bottles from other places leaked or were too hard to open, we bought Disney Store Star Wars bottles and they’ve been fantastic.  This one has a belt attachment too, which my boys have a thing for at the moment.


Dancing Mini Groot Pop Funko – Now, the mister has the Star Lord Pop Funko on his own desk [smuggled out of the house before the boys added him to their own collection], and we LOVE these.  This one dances like their Ewok bobble head.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Tsum Tsums!!! We LOVE Tsums!  You can never have too many of them apparently.  I hope they release a BIG Rockett Raccoon one like our huge Chip and Dale ones we have.


Finally, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. action figures.  I still remember how exciting it was to buy a Care Bear from the supermarket when I was little [that was as action like as my figures got] and my boys are the same – especially when they come with little accessories to use!  You can guess why this one was my boys’ favourite [Mini Groot accessory!] and I’d absolutely buy this for them, haha.

Don’t forget that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. opens on April 28th – perfect Bank Holiday viewing!

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