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Spring dining inspiration tritonWe’ve been back from Centerparcs for all of three days and already I’m willing the Summer holidays to be here – I want the lazy days where me and the boys can just be at home, in the garden, in the [let’s all cross our fingers right now] sunshine.  As our Easter celebrations this year were pretty much non existent thanks to the lurgy that the boys caught from their cousin, we’re looking forward to May Day first though, and a special meal in the garden as I recently got very excited about Amara’s new range of ocean themed tableware.  Despite my lack of cupboard storage space in our home, I just love buying new plates, cups, teapots [I might have a bit of an addiction to pretty teapots – this year my new one is a white rabbit] themed for the season.  Last year I found the perfect starfish bowl for our table in a magazine, and it was instantly sold out from every store and online.  This year Amara were very kind and sent me the most beautiful bowls and platters for Spring Dining Inspiration [and Summer] under the sea themed dining outdoors.  As I’m still saving them ready for May Day, here’s a little look at some of my favourite items for alfresco dining down here on the South Coast.

1. Triton Salad Bowl

It’s so beautiful and pearly on the inside, like a huge shell, and stands on four little feet.  It’s very heavyweight too, and so there’s no fear of your little people passing it around and dropping it.

2. Crab Serving Dish

If I told you how much this cost, you would cry.  But it’s absolutely gorgeous and if my ship comes in, that little crab will be on my kitchen wish list.

3. Pearl White Wine Glasses

Although I’m not a wine drinker, the rest of my family are and these are beautiful.  The pearl sheen compliments the rest of the shell collection beautifully.

4. Triton Starfish Serving Bowl

Now this is my favourite.  I love pieces which are so unique and which have such a high level of attention to detail.  It’s so textured, heavyweight and just draws everyone over.

5. Cutipol Mezza Cutlery

Having three boys means that I also have a backyard full with cutlery that they have squirreled away from the cutlery drawer to use in their excavating efforts.  One day I’ll have a beautiful set and hide is somewhere very secure. Haha. This set is just exqusite though, and perfect for Under the Sea themes as it reminds me of coral for some reason – the reefs and structures beneath the waves.

6. Triton Mussel Serving Platter

This is my absolute favourite and I’m saving it for a special meal with the boys as soon as the sunshine decides to appear this year.  Even though I’m no fan of mussels thanks to so many childhood urban legends about not so fresh ones which quite frankly scarred me for life [I did eat them at River Cottage though, and they were delicious there, but only because I trust the chefs].

7. Octopus Snack Bowl

These are amazing.  If I had more cupboard space I would have two or three.  They’re so brilliant for adding a little height to the table and such talking pieces too!  The boys, of course, love them.

8. Triton Anemone Bowl

These are so tactile that if you’re on the sofa eating from one [as my children so often are], you find yourself absentmindedly stroking the outside of them, haha!  They’re perfect for little people and soup or cereals too as the lips of the bowls are curved inwards, and we love that.  Less spills = happy mommy.

9. Lexington Table Runner.

I’m a table runner kind of girl.  I have far more table runners than I should have – but this neutral stripes one by Lexington is gorgeous.  We used it at Easter also.  They make amazing linens – my crab and lobster tablecloth is so unique.

10. Lobster Fork

I included this because when we were in Disney World and we ate at Fulton’s Crab House, I actually had lobster [and then wished I had ordered the crab claws when I tasted Gav’s] and I had no idea how to eat it until one of these came along with our server.  These ones are so sweet with little lobsters on them – and we all know how I feel about anything with a lobster on it!

I’m looking forward to setting my first outdoor table of the year – does your family enjoy outdoor dining; do you have the weather for it all year round unlike us here in Hampshire?

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    1. Thank you! I’m so in love with everything nautical – I blame it on being raised as far away from the sea as possible in the Midlands, and then raising my own family practically at the water’s edge!

  1. What a lovely display. Even the blue starfish. I’m with you, it drew my eyes, my attention, and probably my favorite piece in the collection. It surprised me that it was a serving bowl.

  2. Aren’t these beautiful! It would be nice to have at home! I’d use it every time there’s a gathering because it will remind me so much of the beach.

  3. I love the Triton Starfish Serving Bowl. This would be a great piece to have when entertaining guests. I could fill it with all sorts of nuts or candy or even hard cheeses. Whatever would go well with wine, in short. 🙂

  4. Oh that Octopus Snack Bowl is so unique! I would love to have them. Great conversation pieces and very functional as well.

  5. I love the Triton Starfish Serving Bowl the most! Like you mentioned though – lack of cupboard space. That is the big factor that always prevents me from buying fun dishware like this. It’s why I like getting cheap stuff from thrift stores honestly. Then, I don’t feel bad about using things for a season and then giving them back to the charity I bought them from so they can sell them again.

  6. Summer is almost here and we usually dine outdoors. I love setting out table for the occasion. I really like the cute and unique design of under the sea inspiration theme.

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