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Now I’ve written that heading, now all I can hear is the theme tune from Monk that me and the Mister used to watch eating Saturday lunch way back before we had the boys.  Ahhh, lunchtimes when my bottom remained seated for more than three minutes…  Anyway, this weekend we bit the bullet and decided to get out and cut back the jungle that was our back garden.  The front garden was just as bad, but as the boys don’t play out the front of our house that was fine with me, haha.

After two trips to the tip with a car full of grass, weeds and tree clippings [and last year’s Christmas tree, the shame of it] we can now see the garden again and the boys can get to the their playthings, and I can dream of eating outdoors again on our picnic table that I got last year but barely used.  I have some new table and dinnerware from Amara that I am desperate to use, but I’m so stubbornly insisting that it needs to be used outdoors that it’s staring at me from the cupboard presently.  I’m planning the first meal we’ll eat from it all, but there needs to be sunshine first.  Sorry, pretty plates and dishes; you will be in service soon.

Last weekend seems like a year ago now that we were roaming around Centerparcs in Longleat, and feeding the sealions at the zoo.  I already miss the pancakes although I did pay for it on the scales at Slimming World last week, losing 1.5lbs and considering myself very lucky after the cookie dough pancake stack I inhaled at the end of our mini break.  This week I’ve been pretty awful and wanting to eat everything and so although I have just one more pound to lose before I gain my 2 stone certificate, I’ve a feeling that this week I might not be as lucky.  Anyway, more on Centerparcs soon, but here are a few of our last day photos as I dream of swimming in clear water instead of dirty laundry.

Enjoy the last hours of your Bank holiday Monday!Centerparcs Longleat swimmingAbove, family misbehaving. Below family when I yelled from poolside to look my way. Haha.  Even further below, poor brother in law braved the cold plunge pool whilst I still had my camera out. When I tried this pool, my expression was not as jolly as his.  The boys mostly enjoyed switching between the flumes and the hot tub.  It was so cold for their little bones in the main pool that they would merrily have spent an hour in the bubbles if I’d let them.

Centerparcs Longleat swimmingCenterparcs Longleat swimmingMore from Centerparcs as soon as I can get some edited!

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