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This holiday has been far too short – it’s so hard to believe that Hero’s Wild West Woody party barbecue was over a month ago.  He’s two and two months old now and about to be marooned at home whilst his two bigger brothers head off to big school, leaving him at home as the baby of the boys.  I’m going to stop thinking about that for now because each time I picture Lyoto at school, he seems far too little and I start to panic that he won’t like it. Then resurfaces my greatest worry, that being at school will demolish his confidence, as it did for his big brother, and crush his big, bouncy personality. So yes, I better stop thinking about that now.

So, Hero’s party – it was so much fun, despite being completely side-swiped by the non-stop rain.  We had so many brilliant cowboy activities picked out that were completely dashed by the unexpected coastal weather, but we gave them a try when we weren’t holding down tablecloths, covering cakes and desserts up – or chasing plates and napkins across the country park.

At the entrance to the wild west Woody party, we set up a cowboy station – hats, bandanas and moustaches, with sheriff stars for the law abidin’ members of our celebrations.  Lyoto was first to get his sorted out with a little help from a big cousin.

cowboy party propsWild west cowboy party suppliesThey were supposed to be cowboy hats but for some reason this photograph reminded me of the beach bbq part of our wedding in Walt Disney World.cowboy bandanas for partyHBBQ00CA HBBQ00AThere were hay bales and wanted frames for selfies – and again, Lyoto was ready with pistols blazing.HBBQYotiecowboyHero quite fancied himself with a big moustache like daddy.HBBQsmileOur centrepiece for the party games was our gorgeous extra large teepee.  In the end it was a shelter for seven little people who looked like waterlogged festival goers instead of seasoned cowboys, but they loved it all the same.  Hero made Grandad Frank lie in the tent and peep through the hatch at me.

There was a rodeo ring toss  – after buying and sending back two different ring toss sets which were hopeless, we found this one from Wonderlings and it was perfect.  If you’re after one of these, skip the pain of sending back non-hooped-hoops and splintered wood crosses to Amazon [who were brilliant about it] and head over there.HBBQ005HBBQteepeeWe set up a panning for gold station with studded pie tins as sieves, and fools gold and silver and gold lettered beads strewn throughout the stones.  Panning for your name was so much fun – and we had some black elastic on hand for bracelet creation.  Hero rolled up his little sleeves and got stuck in.panning for gold partyHBBQsleevesup The weather was awful, but the company was amazing for Hero’s wild west Woody party.  Smiles all round. Peek-a-boo!Wild West Woody Party Disney

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  1. The weather really shouldn’t mess with you should it?! It looks as though you created the perfect day for making memories of turning 2. I love the teepee and the gold sifting activity. Absolutely perfect.
    (I can’t leave without saying I’m sorry to read about Jensen’s experience at school and your concerns for Lyoto. I so hope with big brother alongside him he does well. xx).

  2. What a party it looks great fun, I’m planning my little boys who’s nearly 2 but it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome as this one looks, a party to remember I’m sure xxx

  3. I have to admit that this Wild West Woody Party was an awesome theme for any little one’s party. He looks so cute and I love the cowboy hats with the little sheriff stars and mustaches. This is a theme I will have to share with my sister and my niece for their little ones. Thanks for sharing this awesome party and the adorable photos.

  4. Awww what a cute post. I love this theme idea. Sorry about the weather but it looks as though everyone still had fun.

  5. This is such a cute idea for a party. I love a good theme and this is adorable and looks like tons of fun for the kids!

  6. What a fun way to to enjoy your sons birthday party. I love your idea on panning for gold. Such a creative idea. Thanks for sharing your memorable pictures

  7. Boy, I wish I were this age again to have this king of party! (Or am I just the right age… It’s never too late for fun!) I love the whole idea, the pictures were amazing, and the kiddos must have had such fun! Great job, I love it!

  8. Those are some beautiful photos that they will cherish for years to come. I wish I was more creative when taking pictures of my boys.

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