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Since the holidays have been quite frankly so awful for the boys this year, this morning we woke up happier than usual thanks to two things – one, Mommy decided to go to bed at 11pm last night, and secondly, we were taking part in the Ben 10 Toys Twitter party today.  From 11-1, we had a little party of our own in the house with four little friends from our neighbourhood to celebrate the new Ben 10 toys that have just hit the shelves.  A couple of weeks ago a large box arrived here which I managed to hide in plain sight [which generally isn’t hard given the amount of cardboard that passes through our house in a month] until last night when I sneakily packed the party bags and got the party preparation done.  There were some sweet Ben 10 iced cookies in the party box and so I bought some mini and full sized chocolate donuts to go along with them as not everyone loves cookies, but I’ve never met a person who won’t eat a donut. Haha.

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As I was tweeting throughout the party, we got our party started before the official event online so that moms of our guests could also take part and try to win a prize!

The new Ben 10 Toys went down very well with our little people – Jens fell in love with the Diamondhead set with a mask and glove that extends fingers, whilst Beans and Yotie were more interested in the Omnitrix toys.  Luckily there’s a normal Omnitrix as well as a deluxe one as poor Beans could barely lift his arm with the deluxe version [and Yotie was glad he got the big one to wear through the party].

All of the Ben 10 Toys characters are restyled from the old versions and so much fun for the boys to reenact scenes with – but the role play toys were hands down the favourite.  We began the party with a game of hunt the alien around the house and garden – Beans declared himself the winner, winner, chicken dinner and had everyone laughing because apparently he has a special “face” for when he wins, he told everyone.  We then had some colouring, a spot the difference competition, a guess the alien competition and a fun game where everyone took it in turns to see which alien they would be according to the spinner.  We all enjoyed the donuts and cookies, and after two hours of non stop Ben 10 mayhem, everyone got to take home a party bag with candy, a poster, and a brand new Ben 10 figure inside too!

Here are a few photos from our fun today – we hope you enjoyed it if you took part, and if not, we’ll see you at the next twitter party!

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