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On Valentine’s Day this year, our Baby Dragon turned six years old.  Our favourite Valentine has grown from a gorgeously chubby little baby to a strong, big-hearted little blond cannonball of a boy we adore.  He’s the one who tells me at least ten times a day that he loves me with all his heart [even when I die apparently, he won’t forget me, which is always comforting to hear…] and has a smile like no one else.  He shines with everything he has, is humble beyond words and is an absolute joy in our lives.

Yotie is already very much his own little man.  He’d dress in gold, pink, glitter and sparkles every day if he could, because he likes those colours and doesn’t see the gender divide in fashion yet, unlike his bigger brother.  His favourite shoes are his sparkly gold high topped Chucks, and his favourite shirts are his Trolls, Tsum Tsum and Dan TDM ones.  He lives on cheese and crackers, is always in jeggings, never ever runs out of energy and he takes his speech impediment in his stride, even when he’s hurt by others and my own heart breaks for him.  His friends flock to him because he’s loyal, caring and wears his heart on his sleeve.  I couldn’t love him more.

Lyoto 6th birthday

Yotie’s day started with his presents which I wrapped in Graham and Brown wallpaper after realising we were never, ever going to use it on our walls despite my best intentions.  Inside were Dan TDM Tube Hero figures, Dan TDM Goggles and a Diamond Pickaxe, and FNAF Pop Vinyls galore.  We also got him a Skylanders Superchargers set and some little amibo after his old disc was damaged beyond use.

In the evening, Jens and Beans made Yotie a cake they thought he’d love – chocolate with Smarties and Smartie Eggs, in a FNAF theme, which they decided would be done best by adding Carl Cupcake [if he isn’t called this, they’re pulling my leg].  They were so desperate to keep this as a surprise for Yotie that he was marched into the living room with his eyes covered…

Lyoto 6th birthday Baby Dragon turns six

..however, Yotie being Yotie, he is HOPELESS at surprises and HAS to have a peep.  Gotcha! Haha.

Lyoto 6th birthday

The cake was a huge success and he was so happy that his FNAF friends were there to enjoy it with him.

Happy birthday Yotie, we adore you. xxx

Lyoto 6th birthday Lyoto 6th birthday Lyoto 6th birthday

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