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hatchimals colleggtibles season 2

This half term started off well for the boys as they received the new Hatchimals CollEGGtibles to review.  We’ve been huge fans of the first series – Father Christmas delivered three sets of the Dozen Egg boxes for them, and they’ve been collEGGted [see what I did there]? In the huge hatched Egg that Father Christmas also delivered with twin Peacats for Lyoto.

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We were sent the Hatchimals in three packets – one, two and four.  The two pack this season has a sweet little nest in, and the four pack has an additional free, pre-hatched Hatchimal.  Season 2’s little eggs are pink instead of purple and very sweet.  Just like series 1, the little hearts need to be rubbed until they turn pink and then the little Hatchimals are ready to be born.

hatchimals colleggtibles season 2

The second season is a release of 100 new Hatchimals from Hatchtopia – and I had no idea, but Jens told me that the different speckle colours on the eggs represent the different family that they’re from!

This time there are 55 limited edition GOLDEN LYNX – I have to put this in capitals as there is a huge emphasis on saying this when the boys tell me about it – Hatchimals, and if you are lucky enough to find one, you can win a special set of 6 golden Hatchinals CollEGGtibles in a glittery egg carton plus a goody bag!  No Lynx for us, but we managed to get Crystal Chameleon in an egg, also a limited edition Hatchimal, which made them very happy indeed!  There are also flocked ones but we haven’t seen one of those yet.

Hatchimals are very well made – detailed and moulded beautifully, with different colours on each – including sparkly bits too, like little wings.  As a parent, the fact that they are made so well, and come in an egg which means they aren’t just ripped out of the bag and instantly forgotten, they’re the pocket money toy that I prefer to buy for the boys.  They’ve collected them with care and there are so many different ones, they adore them.

hatchimals colleggtibles season 2

Prices are £2.99 for one egg, £4.99 for two and £9.99 for five – although one of those is already hatched.  Guess which pack we go for?

hatchimals colleggtibles season 2

hatchimals colleggtibles season 2

Good luck if you’re a Hatchimals colleggtor – we hope someone finds a Golden Lynx soon!  It’s a bit like Willy Wonka’s golden ticket in our house!

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  1. After having a daughter who amassed a collection of hundreds of Beanie Babies, I have steered clear of buying any collectibles for my granddaughter. I still store 3 large duvet-sized vacuum storage bags full of Beanie Babies, which my daughter will not let me throw away, yet she says they have to stay with me as she doesn’t have sufficient storage space.

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