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Mondays are evil.  They’re evil unless a HUGE box turns up with the postman that actually nearly can’t fit through your door.  Now, usually when a box like that arrives, it’s not for me.  I mean, it’s addressed to me – but it’s generally one with toys in it and not for me, per se.

This one was for me – from the amazingly lovely people at Disney Store UK!  To celebrate the launch of the new OH MY DISNEY collection, they sent me the range to try out, and it’s OH SO gorgeous.  Inspired by Disney fans worldwide and with an emphasis on Millennial Pink, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, The Evil Queen, the Cheshire Cat and a whole host of other characters feature across a range that covers every essential for me.  There’s a mirror, a makeup bag, a glittery notebook, post-it notes and pencils, a travel mug, keyring, purse, luggage tag, passport cover and more.  I love it all.

“Bid adieu to bibbidibobbidi-boo and set off on a royal adventure to seek our Oh My Disney Collection! 

With a sprinkle of pixie dust and a cauldron of courage we have envisioned a range that brings millennial charm to classic tales. On pairing enchanting quotes with wonderful silhouette-style artwork, our Oh My Disney Collection manifests a whole new world of Disney magic.”

OHMYDisney Collection Disney Store UK

The pencils are fantastic quality and I’m hiding them from the boys because I just know they will become the new homework pencils otherwise. Haha.  The Mondays are Evil notebook is much thicker than usual jotters I buy, and with four ribbons for separating pages, inside there are three sections with different coloured lines for each of them.  Inside the mirror is a close-up and normal view mirror, and it’s very heavy, made of metal which is lovely and a refreshing change from plastic covers.

OHMYDisney Collection Disney Store UK

I love that there are different shaped and sized post-it notes.  As I’m organising my whole life at the moment – or so it seems – I’m plastering these all over my new planner.

OHMYDisney Collection Disney Store UK

I’m constantly destroying makeup cases, or so it seems.  I love this new, soft case featuring Simba and friends and I’m trying to decide what to store in it.  I also have a new travelling mug now, just in time for my trip to London on Thursday – it’s ceramic [again, a really lovely change from plastic] and has the castle in glitter on the reverse.

OHMYDisney Collection Disney Store UK

I’ve already switched my passport cover to the new Cinderella one below – it’s so sparkly, and has card slots inside for carrying everything together unlike my old one.  I also love the new No PRINCE NEEDED luggage tag and Cheshire cat keyring, which has a little pouch on the reverse where I’m keeping my £1 coins that I always forget I need for the shopping.

OHMYDisney Collection Disney Store UK

There are even more items online, so hop over and take a look – I’ve already bought some for birthday presents!

OHMYDisney Collection Disney Store UK

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  1. Oh my goodness I absolutely LOVE this range…a month’s worth of Instagram worth shots with all of these lovely items here!

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