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Following my out of sync post, we’re now returning to the scene of the processional!  Here is a look at what I never got to see (as I wasn’t there).
Our pieces of processional music were different for each set of people walking the aisle, themed around movies we love.
So, with our few guests who were not walking down the aisle seated, they
set off. Before I get to the processional I have to mention my wonderful Disney Bride friend Melissa (who is expecting her fourth child very soon!) who was in our congregation. We met online in 2007 and we’ve been friends ever since.  Luckily for us, her planning session for her own DFTW collided with our wedding and so she came along and helped me all she could. We’re counting down the days until our holiday together in Disney this October with all of our little ones!
So, first down the aisle with our blue sand cylinder
(which matched her dress by coincidence) were Gavin’s Mum and Dad.
Following them were my Mum and my sister’s husband, my brother in Law,
Dave. They carried the orange sand. They walked down to the theme tune from  Gone with the Wind.
It was the first film that my mum and granny went to the cinema to
watch together and I love that film too. I always wanted to be Scarlett
O’Hara with her big dresses and her ringlets.
Mum looked so happy as she walked down and placed her container on the
table. In England, mums aren’t usually part of the wedding processional
and so I wanted her to get involved as much as I could.
Following the parents was Rev. Miller, Gav’s brother and then Gavin. They all walked down the aisle to “The Raiders March” from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, played by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
 Gavin chose his own aisle music. He also (without telling me, naturally)
wore that hat which he threw to his brother in an Indiana Jones-style
when he got to the gazebo, and managed to pretend to whip people on the
way down. On the video he says “Hey there!” like an American as he
enters the aisle which is pretty hilarious to us when we watch it back.
Rev. Miller…. looking serious!
…and Gavin, whipping his way down the aisle…
When he got to the end of the aisle, the music changed and the bridesmaids started walking the aisle to Moon River (instrumental) from Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Henry Mancini. I love that film SO much.
Following the bridemaids were the ring bearers (except they had no
rings…more on that later). Jude led the way holding his cousin’s hand all
the way to the foot of the aisle. They looked adorable.
The flowergirls, once out of the carriage then headed to the path where
the distributed the petals in buckets that they were given. They loved
this job, throwing petals everywhere!

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