No Bluebells…And No Bears, Either! A Wasted Day At The Woods.

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Last weekend we visited the woods where I walked with my parents when I was just a little one myself.  Conkering in the splendour of the jewelled Autumn leaves, wandering in the sparkling snowdrifts in my insulated navy blue moonboots, the woods were, and still are, magical for me.
My boys love the woods too.  Freedom, space, air…whatever it is, they love it.  Which is a huge relief because on Sunday, when we set out on the drive to the woods, it was raining.  A lot.

Fleecy Hats and woolly jumpers on, it hardly seemed to matter to them of course….

Our Baby Dragon is growing way too fast.

Off we set ~ Baby Dragon embraced his foresty (yes, I made that up) freedom with every inch of his mischievous self.  Rambling and tumbling his sweet way along the woodland paths, with his arctic wolf hat obscuring his view at most times, he landed face down in the mud more often than we cared to count.

Each time Baby Dragon took a tumble, he righted himself, dragged his hat back onto his head, brushed off his hands in Mary Poppins style and marched on until the next root-induced stumble.

Meanwhile, brother was all about the ditch leaping.  Getting plenty of air.  Scaring Grandad.

Granny enjoyed some rambling around too…


Of course, as with every adventure, there had to be a stick.


Our Little Adventurer poked around, in search of the Gruffalo….we were in the deep, dark woods so it seemed like a huge waste of an opportunity not to. We found him, too ~ hiding right inside a tree, too scared to face us.



Thinking that Jensen would enjoy hunting for them, we set about searching for bluebells. Huge Momma mistake.  Assuming that Our Little Adventurer would enjoy finding these beautiful Springtime flowers, I was delighted to find some hidden in a little patch of the woods. Jensen? Not so delighted.  Downright appauled in fact….




Jensen explains it best…albeit quietly.
So you see, these are NOT Bluebells.  They are not bells of any kind.  There is no ringing, and they are all pretend.  He was disgusted.  To top it all, there were no bears to be found either.


Luckily the gloom didn’t loom for long as Baby Dragon pulled him into a game of hide and seek.


Grandad provided the transport for tired little legs…

Our Little Adventurer, still disgusted at the lack of genuine bluebells, took to scaling the stinging nettle slopes, where he hit the jackpot….

We found the sticky plant.  Nothing trumps the sticky plant.

Spirits lifted, we decided a little snack was in order…and a photo for Granny and Grandad.

 Anyhow, snacks munched, Baby Dragon called for a lift from Grandad…

and Our Little Adventurer’s log-gymnastics began…

As soon as the drizzle subsided again, Baby Dragon asked for an apple.  It’s his newest word and sounds a little like “AAA-pfh-ble”. Whilst we’re cutting pre-molar dragon teeth, apples are consumed almost constantly in the day by him. Unlike Jensen he prefers them skin on, whole and with the stalk.


Once a full circuit of the woods was complete, and the words “hot” “chocolate” and “cookies” were mentioned by Granny, Jensen decided that it was time for us to leave…

No hands!
It makes my heart melt to see that no one makes Baby Dragon laugh as hard as his big brother.  Ever.

Naughty Grandad decided to hide too…

…and Our cheeky Little Adventurer lay in wait for Granny, like that sneaky wolf in his storybooks.

After Granny was suitably scared, it was time for home…and some Grandad love for Baby Dragon. Hoping for some cuddles, he put on his best sad face (minus the curled lip generally saved for when Momma tells him off) and looked hopefully at Grandad.

“Grandad, can I have a carry?”

Success soon followed…


Yeah, he’s my Grandad.  I love him.

Farewell woods… See you in the Autumn!  Let’s hope the bears are back by then.

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