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It’s blog conference season again and this year, my favourite blogger [and loveliest friend] Debbie at An Organised Mess and I are spreading our wings and heading to a new destination for our second conference of the year [our first was Blog On Cymru]: Blogtacular!  I’ve had this ticket since forever, it feels like – and now it’s here.  We’ve just spent the past half an hour trying to elect our choices for workshops tomorrow and to be honest I’m not sure we’re any more sure than when we started.  I’m as good at making choices as a chocolate teapot [but just imagine a chocolate teapot…ohhh….] is at being functional, but I’m taking heart that perhaps the 2 hour train ride at 6.a.m [cry] will give me a little time to think.

I’ll be writing a “What I Pack” post next week ready for Britmums as I’m staying over in London that weekend, unlike last year when I was grounded by the doctor – but tomorrow it will be me, my phone, Bert [my camera] and my husband’s debit card!  I’m leaving the mister with the boys, including Baby Hero – and hoping everyone survives with their sanity.

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