Can Vinyl Be Installed Wrong?

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You want your luxury vinyl, such as invictus flooring to look amazing once you have it fitted professionally or have saved some money and done it yourself. 

Ideally, you want it to look flawless and be highly protected. However, even the most fabulous-looking vinyl flooring can look awful if not installed correctly. Small mistakes in installation stick out like a sore thumb. You want to avoid the most common mistakes to ensure it is right the first time. 


Among the most common mistakes in older homes is that corners are sometimes not 90 degrees, creating problems that will not be apparent upon laying the tiles down but will be glaring once completed.

Using a professional fitter will solve this problem, but if self-installing, you will be frustrated when finished and unsure how to correct the problem. That is where the expertise of professional fitters comes to the most benefit, as they will have worked with many bespoke designs, such as pine parquet flooring and troublesome installations.


When working in larger rooms, it is common for people to get bored and just want to wrap up the job in a rush.

Without proper breaks whilst installing in larger rooms, it becomes easy to get confused and dizzy from constantly laying tiles down, which can result in mismatching your tiles during placement and resulting in the project looking disastrous. It becomes incredibly annoying when going for alternating patterns, one tile is out of sync and every tile after that follows suit. 

It’s an easy trap to fall into but requires a lot of work to fix, so be sure to pay close attention when working to ensure this does not happen at any point. 


The most common problem is no prep of the subfloor before installation begins.

Whilst minor imperfections can be covered, some areas need extra attention – such as flooring transitions between two rooms. Any spot where a nail in the floor is not level can cause the floor to become uneven and ruin your project. Ensure your subfloor is perfectly flat with any imperfections filed down or filled in before laying any tile, including any existing floor you are layering over.

There can be other issues in using the wrong adhesive for the brand – using too much or too little. For this, you should always enquire about the brand guidelines and adhesive treatment. Using a cheaper alternative may be the worst thing to use on Invictus for making floor tiles unstable.

If fitted wrong, it can be twice as expensive to rectify the problem. The best approach is to utilise a professional installer to ensure it is right the first time.

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