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This time of year it’s so difficult to avoid filling the boys with sweets and treats – Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night….Advent – it seems never-ending and although I confess to being one of those moms who loves   seeing my cookie monsters happy with their snacks, what does worry me is that when I turn to the ingredients of my boys most loved nibbles, not only do I not know what the ingredients are, I can’t pronounce most of them.  That can’t be good.

We took to growing our own vegetables with varying degrees of success when Jensen was born – and just as I did when I was a handkerchief-hat sporting pigtail wearer with chubby little legs tumbling down the garden path to my parents’ vegetable patch, our boys eat what we do produce very happily indeed – except they eat the peas, not the shells as I was partial to.

Our best crop by far is our corn.  It grows strong and healthy and the boys have the most fun watching how fast it grows, and being able to learn how to shuck the cobs.  When it comes to serving it, Jensen will eat it steamed and plain, but Lyoto loves spices – which are fine – but he doesn’t like it dry.  After my visit to River Cottage HQ I’m in love with my new found ability to make my own butter, but with three under fives climbing the walls [sometimes literally] I just don’t always have the time to keep supply up with demand – and so we use Clover.

My mum first recommended it to us about five months ago in the supermarket when we were visiting and until I turned over to the ingredients I never thought about switching from our own brand.

But we did.

Natural and simply made with low fat buttermilk [and nothing nasty] with half of the saturated fat of butter [Hips, hips, hooray], it’s buttery, scrumptious and my boys love it.  I can spread it, bake with it, freeze it and even fry it just like butter – plus, it’s suitable for vegetarians.

Our Autumn harvest is over for this year and this afternoon we’re enjoying a favourite – corn on the cob, three ways.  Plain for Jensen, with Clover for Hero and with Clover and spices for Lyoto – and although I haven’t had anything on my corn for years now, it’s just TOO good not to have a little Clover melted over my dish when it’s on the table.

If you visit Clover’s Facebook page, you can find the Clover Troop – knights, guards and police who are protecting Clover from artificial ingredients – and enter to win an adorable magnet with your little one’s face on it – plus some other amazing prizes which are getting bigger – the rules are simple and it’s so much fun to take part.
So, what would you spread your Clover on?
This post is sponsored by Clover. All opinions are mine alone.

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  1. We made the switch to using only real butter last year and haven't look back. That being said, we've never tried Clover and it sounds so good. Guess what we'll be looking for on our next grocery visit? 🙂

  2. I'm a huge fan of buttermilk and bake with it often. It makes my baked goods taste so much better. I would love to try Clover. I've not heard of this before.

  3. I LOVE butter, but I do worry about the fat content! I have never heard of Clover, so I will really need to look the next time I go to the store! I've also never had corn with anything other than butter and salt!

    1. You hate corn?! Oh no! How can that be? It's SO good! It tastes so different straight from the plant though – maybe you should grow your own! 😉 You're right though, you DO need butter for everything!

  4. I love butter on corn and other veggies. I would have to try Clover, because it is healthier. If it tastes like butter and contains only half the fat, then I am all for it!

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