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Last summer I was fortunate enough to be able to take a little break by myself with a few other photographers and spend some time in a breathtakingly beautiful property near Winchesea Beach.  It was stunning – open plan and white, stripped down floorboards.  It wasn’t a palace, there was nothing ornate – it was just simple, spacious and I felt like I could breathe there.    

My own house is the property my husband and I bought way back at the beginning of the decade.  We’ve outgrown it horrendously and with three boys it’s crowded to say the least – imagine the addition of two huskies to that mix – but as property prices are what they are [particularly around our area], unless one of us wins the lottery that we don’t play, we’re here for the duration.

Although space is limited, there are a few things I’ve done to try and make the house seem a little bigger.  Firstly, I’ve removed all of the doors downstairs.  The kitchen door and lounge door both connected to the hallway and as we never closed them in any case, they were just waiting for little fingers to be caught in them, and taking up space. So they are gone.

I’m considering putting them back when the Winter comes, after I found these genius sliding interior doors from Barrier Components whilst I was Googling away.  I had no idea I could do this with anything but wardrobe doors and they look very neat and tidy – and our upstairs doors are in need of replacement too after we had to literally cut door in half to rescue Jensen from the bathroom when he got the lock stuck.

Besides the doors, what I really want to do is to paint it all white.  Every wall, everywhere, white.  I reminisce about the beautiful beachside house interior and I sigh.  What I wouldn’t give to swap my faded living room and multi coloured kitchen for a blank canvas.

If you could alter one thing about your home, what would it be?

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