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After last week’s adventures with Flora in London at the Grain Store, I’ve been willing Spring to come around faster so that I can get our seeds started ready for growing again.  Each year we try and grow more and more of our own vegetables and fruit in the garden – and simultaneously protect them from the elements and defend them from our garden friends in the most organic manner possible so that they reach our table healthily.

With the addition of new neighbours this year and after we said goodnight to Excalibur last year, we have a new problem in our garden – and they’re cute and whiskery.  Cats.  Quite literally Peeping Toms, as they come to the back door and squish their little faces up staring at us most evenings [which is quite freaky if you’re on your own in the house].  These sweet little kitties have already devastated my strawberry patch by digging and pooping in there.  Last week my boys sat open mouthed in the living room as they watched me run, pyjama clad, up the garden path yelling [and I quote], “Stop *insert rude word here* in my plants!”  

I’ve started looking into crop protection and I’m quite seriously considering buying some tunnelling this year.  According to Premier Polytunnels  90% of the UK’s strawberries are grown in these tunnels and so I’m thinking I’m missing a trick here.  The trouble here is I don’t know anyone besides the Head Gardener at River Cottage who has experience in using them.

If you’ve used these, or have any experience of defending your garden produce against the cute and cuddly that isn’t just orange peel, please let me know.  I can’t eat poop-infused berries and leaves this year.

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