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I’m a smiler.  It gets me into more trouble than you’d think.  I can smile in any situation – even when I think I’m having a heart attack it turns out [onset of chronic pleurisy in late pregnancy] – I think my resting face might even be a smile.

We take our boys’ oral health very seriously and as their daddy has never had a cavity filled in his life, when they each turned two, their visits to daddy’s dentist Warrington began.  It’s a small office with lovely staff and they feel special visiting there like big boys.

Note – Jensen is messing around, not picking his nose, despite Kristoff’s views in Frozen.

Yet me, I’ve treated my smile terribly – I was awful at brushing my teeth as a teenager, I succumbed to bulimia in my early twenties and eroded my back teeth awfully, even losing one of them – and since having that tooth taken out, I took a break from the dentist.  You know, just for a short while.  A short 14 years.


 I can barely believe it myself.  Fourteen years. How on earth did that happen?  Honestly, the only reason I booked in a few months ago was because I cracked a back tooth in half in my sleep, and I knew it was time I saw someone.

Amazingly, after fourteen years all I needed was that tooth repaired an a small filling on another tooth.  And when I did lie back in the chair, filled with a strangely calm feeling of what was sure to be impending doom, the injections felt odd, the drill was noisy, but nothing hurt like I imagined.


What was unexpectedly discovered through standard x-ray though, was that I’m a clamper.  A night clamper to be exact.  This means that in the night, when I’m stressed, I clench my teeth together with a force that I can’t replicate in the day.  I’ve been doing it for so long that I have fractured my teeth below the surface of my gums – there’s damage I can’t see, damage I can now prevent from worsening thanks to a night guard for my lower jaw.  Had I not cracked my tooth, I might not have known this for years to come.

Now it’s fixed, but my smile still isn’t perfect, it’s not Hollywood white and behind my incisors hide the secrets and failings of my past.  But I do love my smile.  I want to keep it for as long as I can.

I know so many of my friends who also avoid their appointments, yet dentistry has come such a long way since I last sat in the dreaded chair and stared at the Where’s Wally? pictures sellotaped onto the ceiling.  I remember the anguish that my sister went through as a teenager with her full metal braces – monstrosities invisible braces fitted – along with white fillings and a range of options for treatment that doesn’t have to be as drastic as it once seemed.

Our boys never miss an appointment, their dentist even poses for photos with them and gives them stickers, too.  Last time, Jensen wore a bow tie so he’d be smart enough to have his teeth checked. It’s quite the event in our calendar.

And me?  I might even say that I enjoy the dentist now – it’s ten minutes of peace and quiet, and at least I get to sit down.  When was the last time you visited the dentist and said, “Ahhh!”?

This post is sponsored by Sensu, but the opinions and views expressed are my own.  
Photographs copyright Root Photography

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    1. I wanted to take my boys as soon as I saw a tooth peep through, but our dentist assured us 2 was early enough to start them on the track to enjoying the dentist. Well done on no cavities!

  1. Three of my kids have never had a cavity, either. Me, on the other hand, did not get the good tooth gene. I always brushed but didn't floss growing up. I do now.

  2. I use to hate going to the dentist. I skipped going for about a year cuz I hated going so much. I realized when I started seeing the dentist again on a regular basis, that it wasn't that bad.

  3. I never smile in photos and I try to avoid when in public. I hate my smile no idea why, but I too take my dental health and my families seriously. Also, I'm deathly afraid of the dentist so not taking care = dentist. No thanks! This was a lovely Post.

  4. I was so awful at taking care of my teeth as a child and teenager. Of course this eventually led to a few cavities. Now that I am an adult, I'm adamant about visiting the dentist at least twice a year! 🙂

  5. I dunno if this is just me but dentists are more scary compared to the other kinds of doctors. I visit mine anyways because I just have this thing with my teeth. I'm glad though that the dentist of your little boys seems to be pleasant and not the scary type.

  6. These are great pics! I love going to the dentist! In fact, the last time I went the hygenist cleaned under my gums…which I've neve rhad done before apparently! As much as it was uncomfortable, I loved knowing she was getting in there and scraping everything out! lol!

  7. Having perfect smiles like the ones you share in your photos means your a happy family. It's important to me that my children have the same, so visiting the dentist is also important.

  8. what great photos, and what cute kids! I never smile in photos mainly because I hate being in pictures. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing

  9. These are such great pictures. You guys are gorgeous! Smiles are good. They are stress relievers and just make everyone happy. I tend to smile at strangers hoping it will give them a better day.

  10. Hi Sara-Jayne – You have a beautiful smile – should say there are a lot of beautiful smiles in your photos of your happy family – My mom had really bad teeth and false teeth in her twenties – so they taught me to be aware – still had a lot of cavities event tho! Great reminders and I did check out your links! 🙂

  11. lol on the bow tie. That's a cool thing to do. We just had a dentist visit for the kids yesterday… I couldn't resist taking a pic for Instagram, but the dentist we have isn't one to ask to pose for pics. 😉

  12. Omg!!! What adorable photos!!!!! I feel like I live at the dentist! For someone who has the most perfect looking teeth, I ended up with the worst teeth ever when it comes to tooth aches of any kind -_- swear my dentist makes most of his paycheck off of my ridiculous teeth lol…

  13. We go to our dentist twice a year. We will have our first appointment for this year around June. I dread going to the dentist, but I know that it is important.

  14. Your family is so beautiful, I have been neglecting my teeth for a long time its time I sorted it out, I have not been for 3 years now but your 14 years is wow lol. I have 6 fillings in my mouth because I eat too many sweets but my front teeth are still super duper so I can still smile like crazy since I am a smiler too

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