Growing Our Own Again….

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It is a well known fact that anything you grow yourself tastes better, especially when you’re little.  After last year’s disasterously slow attempt (except for the pumpkins) coupled with the awful weather that we had, we’ve been quick off the mark this year…and everyone lent a hand.  There are no Little Red Hens in this family.


Casanova snook in a quick snooze, when he wasn’t being used for random warming-up hugs by Baby Dragon and Our Little Adventurer. Husky fur is perfect for snuggling into, and wiping muddy fingers on.

Jensen Indiana “read” the seed packets… “These will grow big like beanstalks and I will climb them with Granny, chop down the giant and get all the gold.”  Giant at the top of our beanstalks, be warned.


They’re nearly all planted in brown blankety beds…  Update with full details coming soon!


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