Mottisfont House (National Trust Free Weekend)…

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This weekend we decided to take advantage of the National Trust’s free weekend promotion and we headed out into the sunshine and the beautiful, romantic surroundings of Mottisfont House.
We met Nanny and Grandad down there as they’re National Trust members and like a wander around Mottisfont at the weekend.

The first stop was the river. Mottifont’s fishy friends were treated to some of Warburton’s finest seeded batch…


Which they apparently liked…

Shortly after I was photo bombed by a crazy lady and a handsome cutie in a sling…she knows who she is.  If I hadn’t been so surprised she’d be gracing our blog today.  Instead, here are some calming flowers.

These trees were so peculiar.  Branches all gnarled, Dadda and I couldn’t figure out whether they were dead or alive.

We wound our path away from the stream (which Baby Dragon seemed intent on heading for and leaping in with both enthsiastic, carefree feet) towards the stable block and the wire horse…

As Lyoto ran merrily in and out of the toilet area causing much distress to Dadda, Jensen Indiana went on his own way, enjoying the metal sculptures for sale.  Our favourite was the warthog. Warthogs are pretty amazing.


The walled garden was next on our tour, and after finding some stepping stones, Baby Dragon delightedly skipped along the paths, shrieking to his beautiful heart’s delight.



We played “guess the flower” so many times with Dadda reading the latin names and pretending he knew what they were all along.

My boys in the nook…

It was very peaceful… Until we got there.

Whilst Baby Dragon enjoyed some tickles on the grass…

…I tried hard to figure out how to shoot with the correct exposure.


Our Little Adventurer picked some flowers for Momma.  He always brings me a little lower, because I love them…and he knows it.



Taking any photograph of my boys is getting harder and harder.  They are too fast, I am too slow.  I need to be more ninja like…or get a zoom lens.

The ice cream shop was calling and so off we went.

Where did my toddler go?

“Get Lyoto a tub” I said.
“I’ll have a cone” Lyoto said, as he refused the tub and stole Dadda’s.



We took a detour through the house to see Whistler’s room and the watercolour gallery being featured in there (the final five minutes to the tune of Jensen singing, “How do we get out of here?”) and before we knew it, lunchtime was upon us…time for home.

Not before Dadda took a few photos of me with my boys though.


We love Baby Dragon’s “James Bond” eyebrow…

Love, love, love. It was a perfect Sunday as we headed home to plant our vegetable seeds.


We hope your weekend was as fun as ours. Spring has sprung at last.


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  1. I was quite mesmerised reading and watching thse beautiful photos. I feel like I have been on a walk around Mottisfont with you! It really does look special and wonderful to all meet up as a big family group. The National Trust has so much to offer for simple family days out. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

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