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On our final morning of our Christmas Experience at Butlins, the boys were still singing Aladdin Rocks! songs, and we set out to do things that we needed to make sure we didn’t miss.  Breakfast was delicious as usual; Hero enjoyed showing everyone that he was learning to be a very big boy with his knife and fork, and Lyoto managed to throw a huge glass of orange juice over both me and him.  We had to trip poor Yotie to his pantaloons in the restaurant and he sat wrapped in my huge wooly wrap, whilst I sat and ate my breakfast looking like I had wet myself.  It was still scrumptious though.Butlins 2016 Deck Restaurant After a little wander, we found the Surrey bikes for a little trip.  I love seeing these up and down the Boardwalk in Walt Disney World and the boys were desperate to have a go.  Luckily it seemed quite empty outdoors as it was the final day of the weekend break.The we found the HUGE deckchair!  There *are* photographs with me in this chair – but I look like a pair of shoes with a head.  There were plenty of giggles for these photographs! Back in the pavilion, the entertainment had finished and the boys cashed in their tokens that they had won – you know, with their “gambling”.  Jensen was so sad to leave his machines behind but he had quite a collection of false fingers, sticky creatures and gems, spiders and keyring to show for all of the tuppences that had cascaded into the coin chutes. We had one last run about on the playground…and I had a go on the curly slide, haha.  We checked everything in our chalet was packed and in order, and left our beautiful accommodation behind.  We wish we had stayed longer to appreciate it – or that the weather had been lovely enough to enjoy the deck.Jensen bid farewell to his towel friends and we received the loveliest letters from Father Christmas in reply to the postcards we sent after our visits!  The boys were so delighted that he had managed to find them before they went home.  It really, truly did feel like home. As we left, we said goodbye to Billy the Butlins bear.  We tried to meet him several times in person but sadly never succeeded in reaching him through the crowds much to the boys’ dismay.    And then somehow it was already time to go.  We packed up and bundled into the car, waved off Granny and Grandad who were going to a walk along the beach before they left, and headed back home on the motorway for the Christmas holidays – with Lyoto asking at least ten times in the first half hour when we would be able to come back to Butlins again.  I can’t say that I wasn’t wishing we were going back too!  We had the most magical Christmas Experience and the staff at Butlins were just lovely.  Every single staff member that we met greeted us, checked we were enjoying ourselves and was ready to help in any way they could.  For British holidays, Butlins certainly tops the bill.  We’re so grateful for their hospitality – we only wish we had been in good health to enjoy it even more. Butlins 2016

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