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On the morning of day three of our Christmas Experience at Butlins, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast once more with Jensen eating nearly all of the melon and salami in Butlins, and we went for a little stroll along the promenade.  Granny and Grandad spotted where they had stayed years ago when visiting Butlins, and the boys had a run about in the fresh air.  Mommy wanted to collapse.  We were so excited though because today was our day to see Aladdin Rocks!

Christmas Experience at Butlins Christmas Experience at Butlins Aladdin Rocks Christmas Experience at Butlins Aladdin Rocks   Christmas Experience at Butlins Aladdin Rocks There are so many little activities for children at Butlins Minehead – our boys fell in love with the little motorised bikes and we must have rode them at least five times. We also had fun on the mini playground for pre-schoolers, and then we headed over to have an early lunch at The Diner [Mommy had waited for this so patiently] before our matinee of Aladdin Rocks.

I say “headed”, but as we were about to leave the Pavillion, our most favourite fireman in the whole world appeared on stage and captivated the boys.  My tummy rumbling, we watched as Sam and Norman Price had a mini adventure on stage!  When Norman had finished setting fire to everything and getting a telling off from Sam, we took a very short walk to the place I was so excited to eat at – the Diner.  When I saw this restaurant, I wished that despite the freezing weather I’d bought one of my pretty 1950s dresses with me.  Sat in my jeans and t-shirt wasn’t quite the same.  Still, the boys had the best time [and so did Granny] ordering the biggest ice cream milkshakes that we’d ever seen.  The décor was gorgeous and the food was delicious. What was evermore amazing was that the waiters and waitresses SANG with a microphone every so often!After we’d eaten and drank our weight in milkshakes, it was time for our show, Aladdin Rocks.  Armed with popcorn and candy floss, we sat and waited for the stage to erupt in one of the most brilliant productions I’ve seen.  I can’t remember a time when I’ve laughed so much.  The actors were phenomenal, the boys were completely captivated and despite how ill me and the mister were feeling, it was the show that really made our break at Butlins. The atmosphere was just perfect and we were so sad at the end of the performance.  Christmas Experience at Butlins Aladdin Rocks  We may or may not have visited the arcade again on the way home from Aladdin Rocks!…When we got back to the chalet, we had to let Lyoto know that this was his last sleep at Butlins.  Below is the face we got.  Poor Yotie.  He wanted to live at Butlins and eat ice cream for dinner every night. Haha.


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