5 locations to visit with your family in Kentucky

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If you want to go on vacation with your family but want to visit a city near your home, you should give Kentucky a go. The state is mostly known for its unique fried chicken recipe, good bourbon, bluegrass music, and horse racing. Its borders have the Ohio and Mississippi rivers around the area, so there are also opportunities for going to the beach.

Kentucky is child-friendly and offers various family attractions such as aquariums, water parks and zoos. Its national park must also be visited, along with the Mammoth Cave Park, so the kids can have a little time outside in nature and explore their surroundings.

But without further ado, here are the best locations in Kentucky for you and your family.

Miffy town

If your kids are still young, you must take them to the Miffy Town, a place for kids to play and interact, inspired by the Miffy rabbit designed by Dick Bruna. The animation has been around since 1995, and it was inspired by the stories the author used to tell his son, depicting a white bunny roaming around their house. The Miffy trend has been so popular since the cartoons that you can find merch with the white rabbit, from puzzles, keychains and shirts to gifts and housewares.

The experience your kid will have here is unique; you can plan your visits whenever you’re ready. Many interesting activities are offered, such as planting flowers, celebrating Earth’s Day or having free ice cream on a weekend.

Miffytown is the best place for your kid to learn to communicate, engage with others and have fun in a wonderful world. It’s also the perfect plan to have a few hours to enjoy a coffee at a restaurant while kids play in a supervised and safe place. You can also take your friend’s kids for the best adventure, where kids share interactive games and activities.

Louisville Mega Cavern

For older kids or an adventurous family, the Louisville Mega Cavern is essential for the best time in Kentucky. The underground zipline facility has six zipliners placed around 100 feet off the floor and offers two great challenges fueled with adrenaline.

There’s the Mega Quest, which is around 2.5 hours to finish and includes two levels and more than 70 challenges on the way, such as rope walls and mini-zipliners. There’s also the BMX & MTB Mega Bike Park for bike lovers or the seated historical tour of the cavern on a tram which will take you around along with a guide to explain details about the place.

You can book your place on their website, where many attractions are listed, as well as events. The area for shows has a capacity of 250 people, and it can be used for corporations or educational institutions, so even the school that your child attends can organize a trip here.

The National Corvette Museum

For kids whose hobbies include cars, this tour will be one of the best in their lives. The National Corvette Museum has over 70 models from different historical periods. Besides seeing all the vehicle models, there’s also a KidZone, where children have plenty of activities to try.

For example, stations are provided for them to draw car sketch ideas, and after use, the blocks and wheels are offered to put their car together. After the development of the vehicle, their cars will be tested. The station also includes a service area where kids can change tires or have their driver’s licenses.

For adults, there are activities like the Corvette Cave-in, an exhibition of the restoration of the 1962 Black Corvette. The event includes aerial photos and has a VIP reception with live music, making it a fine occasion to participate in.

Horse Farm Tours

Of course, Kentucky is not the same without its horses. Therefore, visiting farms is essential to complete the experience. Luckily, many companies offer such services and will take you around public and private farms for you and your family to learn more about horse racing.

The behind-the-scenes tour will allow your kids to get closer to this majestic animal under guidance, so they’ll be safely playing with them. Some farms will also let them ride a horse with a professional next to them, so they’ll have the time of their lives.

Depending on your schedule, you can plan your tour at any time. Expect the groups to be smaller, so you can have the tour even with your family since horses must be protected not to get scared of too many people around them.

The Mammoth Cave

Another famous cave in Kentucky is there to amaze your kids, but this one is less polished; the limestone cave is around 4.000 years and gets its name for the immense size of the chambers and avenues. Sadly, no mammoths have been found here, but it’s still a cool name.

There are many tours in the cave, and you can make a reservation anytime for your family. Know that it can be quite chilly inside, so dress properly. You should also read about what you should leave behind, such as strollers, trekking backpacks or pets. There are also numerous paths for exploring the cave, from long-walking adventures to crawling tours.

Around the Mammoth Cave, many other fun experiences wait for you. You can go camping, lodging, hiking, and even fishing around the area, so you should spend at least a week at the place to have the opportunity to try everything. From time to time, special events are happening at the cave, so you can check out their website to learn more about the possibilities of visiting the Mammoth Cave.

What’s your preferred location in Kentucky?

Kentucky is a wonderful place and has numerous activities and a rich history to learn about. Moreover, many of its businesses, facilities and locations are kid-friendly, meaning your children can enjoy their time with known cartoon characters or cars, all at a good price and with professional supervision. So, where do you want to go next?

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