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Lately, I’ve been chasing my tail – migrating to WordPress has been quite the experience [not all of it as amazing as you’d think, haha] and I’m so relieved to finally have most things where they need to be.   Due to the backlog of posts that mounted during my “maintenance” blog siesta [read: when a plugin decided to prevent photo uploads],  our real life posts have taken a backseat – but here we are at last.  At Southbourne Beach.

For his big 4-0,  Gav decided he wanted to spend the day at the beach with us. Considering we live 45 minute drive from more than a few beautiful south coast English beaches, it  should be a frequent happening in our lives, but like making pancakes when it’s not Shrove Tuesday in reality it hardly ever happens.  That said though, we have made more pancakes this year.  Maybe our Southbourne beach days are on the up.   gavbday019After watching for a while, Jensen decided to take a dip – and never reasoned just how cold it was going to be…  gavbday016Hero was a little sad he didn’t get to freeze with Jensen – and so he took to wave watching with me.gavbday015 gavbday003Our family [with the exception of me, I can’t think of anything worse on the beach] loved to bury themselves in the sand.  The three amigos…. and daddy too.gavbday008

gavbday006Everyone loves shell hunting though.  Jensen likes rocks – and momma likes the blue seashells.gavbday022 gavbday018 gavbday017 gavbday023gavbday013Hero spent quite a bit of time tracking seagulls, and telling us about the “bad birds”.  Bad, because years ago they stole a donut out of his momma’s hand.  Sneaky birds.gavbday004

gavbday005There’s something very exciting about seeing a real lifeguard out on the sea.  Like they’re part merman.Southbourne BeachThey love spending time being quiet at the beach…gavbday011  gavbday030Yet they’re never, ever bored there.gsvbday026 gavbday027  gavbday024Happy 40th birthday, daddy – here’s to at least 40 more.  We love you.Southbourne Beach

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    1. It’s so much fun there yet we barely go. The boys are old enough now to remember how close it is to our house though so I’m hoping we will get there more often! I can’t help but smile when I’m at the beach.

  1. Birds always grab food out of my hand too! Beach birds are the worst, except that they’re fun for kids to chase. Your pictures are beautiful – it makes me want to go back to the beach for family photos. We visited the beach in June, but I was super sick with a stomach bug. And we only took like two pictures the whole time. Hopefully next year goes better! I’m glad y’all had a wonderful birthday celebration as a family.

  2. This looks like such an amazing memory to have especially for a birthday. We live in driving distance of so many beaches here in North Carolina and I hate to say we haven’t been to one yet. Perhaps next summer? Thanks so much for sharing your beach day…your photos are amazing and your boys are adorable.

  3. I so wish we lived an hour from the beach. Your photos really capture the beauty of a day at the beach. I have three boys also and they only got one beach visit this summer.

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