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Subscription boxes might just be my favourite kind of post.  I love the surprise, no matter how small – because, let’s face it, there’s plenty of misery that pops through or letterboxes these days.  We were subscribers to Degustabox for most of last year, and so we trust them to bring us something yummy that we can actually use in our everyday meals.  This month’s Degustabox arrived just before we left for holiday, and so we packed it back up and headed off to Pembrokeshire!

Degusta Box

This month we were asked if we would feature Degustabox on our blog – and so here’s our latest arrival!  The boys loved opening the parcel to see if there was anything they could eat [Lyoto has dibs on the Willy Chase’s Fit Popcorn, Jensen claimed the Get More drink and Hero tried to open the Snackers before I could blink].

As we’re enjoying our holiday at the moment and the weather is amazing, we’re looking forward to testing our Tabasco barbecue sauce on the BBQ tonight!  Sadly, the popcorn, Get More drink and half a packed of crackers are gone… Boys.

We were sent a Degustabox in return for our honest review – we are normal subscribers to them also.




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